Documents and Forms

Local Bridge Program Forms:
Preliminary Application Form (To be used for both state and federal funded projects; PDF-Fillable, 560 KB)
see Local Bridge Program Manual
Old vs New Procedures (PDF, 201 KB)
Supplemental Application Form (PDF-Fillable,285 KB)
Time Extension Request for Supplemental Application (PDF-Fillable,133 KB)
Supplementary Program Financial Information (PDF,72 KB)
Project Status Report Card (PDF,131 KB)
Notice of Completion of Construction Work (PDF, 28 KB)
Bridge Inspection Forms (blank, PDF, 717 KB)
Public Meeting Sign-In Sheet (blank, PDF, 9 KB)
Public Meeting Minutes Template (example, PDF, 20 KB)
Mandatory Northern Long Eared Bat Protection Measures
Flood Management Certification Reference Material (PDF, 1.9 MB)
Flood Management Certification Application (use with signature pages below MS Word, 740 KB)
Flood Management Certification MOU Signature Pages (updated Nov. 2009, PDF, 21 KB)
Flood Management Exemption Sample Letter (MS Word, 25 KB)
DEEP Fisheries Transmittal Memo (PDF,42 KB)
US Army COE 2016 General Permit
US Army COEConnecticut Addendum General Permit
US Army COESelf-Verification Form
401 Water Quality Certification and Table
US Army COE PGP Determination Form (revised 3/10, MS Word, 64 KB)
US Army COE Application Checklist (MS Word, 122 KB)
US Army COE GP Compliance Certification (To be filed when project is complete. PDF, 50KB)
US Army COE Openness Ratio Spreadsheet (PDF, 88 KB)
2002 Connecticut Guidelines for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
Stormwater Quality Manual
Environmental Review Request Form (Rev December 2017, PDF, 1.68 MB)
Permit Need Determination Form (PNDF) (Rev May 2017, DOCX, 174 KB)
Permit Need Determination Form (PNDF) Instruction Guide (Rev July 2016, DOCX, 44.5 KB)
Wetland Determination Data Form - USACOE NE Region (PDF, 546 KB)
Request for NDDB State Listed Species Review FAQ (PDF, 111 KB)
Instructions for a NDDB State Listed Species Review Request (PDF, 89 KB)
DEP Fisheries Stream Crossing Guidelines (PDF, 2.9 MB)
Boulder Placement Guide (Adapted from Maryland DOE, PDF, 264 KB)
Maryland Waterway Construction Guidelines (from Maryland DOE, PDF, 8 MB)
FHWA Environmental Guidebook (note: transfers to FEMA site)
FEMA Flood Maps (note: transfers to FHWA site)
CT-ECO: Online Maps and Geospatial Data

Design and Guidance References:

ConnDOT Drainage Manual

Bridge Design Manual

Hydraulics & Drainage Unit page

ConnDOT Bridge Inspection Manual

Recording and Coding Guide for the Structure Inventory and Appraisal of the Nation's Bridges (note: transfers to FHWA site)

Highway Design Manual

Geotechnical Engineering Manual

Form 817 Contract Revisions for Municipal Projects

Consultant Administration and Project Development Manual


Consultant Selection Guidelines (PDF, 377 KB)    

Municipality Construction Manual (PDF, 1.76 MB)

Cost Estimating Guidelines (English)

Bid Item List (English)

Guiderail Info (NCHRP 350 Report) (note: transfers to FHWA site)

Covered Bridge Manual (note: transfers to FHWA site)

Steel-Backed Timber Guiderail (note: transfers to FHWA site)

Connection Details for Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (note: transfers to FHWA site)

Utility Policies and Procedures (PDF, 317 KB)

Orphan Bridge Regulations (Scanned PDF copy, 530 KB)

Federal Debarred Contractor List (note: transfers to GSA site)

Single Audit Compliance Supplement (State) (information for auditors)