Port of New Haven

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Logistec Connecticut, Inc.
100 Waterfront Street
New Haven, CT 06512
Tel: (203) 469-1391 Fax: (203) 469-0905

James D. Schine, Operations Manager- ext. 284
On New Haven Harbor less than 500 yards from Exit 49 off I-95; immediate access to I-91 and Route 1.
Modes Served:
Vessels, barge, truck, rail
Berthing Facilities:
3 berths, 2 @ 36'. MLW 1 @ 39' MLW
Truck Facilities:
Capability for loading up to 200 trucks per day from the ground or via loading docks.
Rail Facilities:
Serviced by the Providence & Worcester RR connecting with CONRAIL, New England RR CN and CP. Private switch engine for yard movements.
Private siding for loading and unloading of box cars, gondolas, flat cars, etc.
Approximately 400,000 square feet of inside storage; approximately 50 acres of outside storage space available.
Bonded storage available. LME approved warehousing
available for Zinc, Aluminum, Lead, Tin and Nickel.
Stevedoring Equipment:
5 shore cranes up to 250 ton capacity
61 forklifts up to 26 tons capacity
Cargo Currently Handled:
Steel, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, Tin, Containers, Paper, Woodpulp, Lumber, Heavy lifts, Crane parts and Automobiles.
Potential Cargo Capability:
Facilities are capable of handling any type of Break-Bulk cargo.