Pavement Management

Pavement Management Unit

The Pavement Management Unit is responsible for: designs and reviews of pavement structures, analysis and forecasting of pavement conditions for the entire road network, recommending pavement preservation treatments, selecting roads to receive pavement preservation treatments, providing recommendations for pavement budget strategies, interfacing with other Departmental units, regional planning agencies, municipalities and the public.

Requests for additional information should be addressed to:
   John Henault, P.E.
   Transportation Supervising Engineer
   Phone: (860) 594- 3280

Pavement Design Documents

Bituminous Concrete Specifications
Superpave Recommendations (pdf 355 bk)  
MTG and Permit Pavement Design
State Highway Design Standard Drawings
Pavement Preservation Documents
Guidance for Bridge Overlays (pdf 151 kb)
Guidance for Multiuse Trail Pavements(pdf 64 kb)

      Superpave Design Level Information

       Map Showing Superpave Levels(pdf 2,059 kb)
       List Showing Superpave Levels(Excel 104 kb)
       Note: Please see Engineering Bulletin EB-2016-7 regarding the inclusion
       of Superpave Design Level information in contract documents.

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