Pavement Design Unit

The Pavement Design Unit is responsible for the following:

• Project-level pavement evaluations
• Design and review of pavement structures for state and local projects
• Project selection, scope development, and assisting in contract delivery for the pavement resurfacing    and rehabilitation programs
• Evaluation of emerging design methodologies and construction practices
• Implementation of new pavement technologies and material specifications 
• Pavement friction testing for various safety assessments 
• Pavement related support for various units and programs throughout the Department

Requests for additional information should be addressed to:

Steven T. Norton, P.E.
Transportation Supervising Engineer
Phone: 860-594-3287


Pavement Design Resources

Pavement Unit Specifications (SharePoint link)

State Highway Design Standard Drawings

MTG and Permit Pavement Design (pdf 1,412kb)

Map Showing Traffic Levels (pdf 2,046kb)

List Showing Traffic Levels (Excel 104kb)

Note: Please see Engineering Bulletin EB-2016-7 regarding the inclusion of Traffic Level information in contract documents.


Pavement Design Tools

ESAL Calculator (Excel 125kb)

Flexible Pavement Design Tool (Excel 77kb)

Rigid/Composite Pavement Design Tool (Excel 242kb)

Pavement Preservation Resources

Pavement Preservation Manual (Draft) (Word 954kb)

Crack Sealing Project Selection Guide (Draft) (Word 138 kb)

Pavement Preservation Evaluation Form (Excel 49 kb)


Guidance Documents 

Guidance for Superpave Bituminous Concrete Mixes (pdf 159kb)

Guidance for Bridge Overlays (pdf 130kb)

Guidance for Multiuse Trail Pavements (pdf 91kb)

Guidance for Roundabout Truck Aprons (pdf 282kb)

Guidance for Pavement Coring on Resurfacing Projects (pdf 143kb)

Guidance for Parking Lot Pavements (pdf 91kb)

Guidance for Temporary Pavements (pdf 81kb)

Guidance for Bituminous Concrete Patching Items (pdf 153kb)


Local Roads Resources

Supporting Information for Local Roads Programs (pdf 201kb)

Pavement Evaluation Form for Local Roads Programs (Excel 28kb)

Full Depth Reclamation Tool (Excel 35kb)

LOTCIP Pavement Evaluation Checklist (Word 34kb)


Pavement Related Links

FHWA Pavements

FHWA Distress Identification Manual  

FHWA Geotechnical Aspects of Pavements Reference Manual (pdf 15,619kb)

Precast Concrete Pavement Bus Pad Demo (pdf 3,088kb)

TRB Committees Related to Pavements

National Center for Pavement Preservation

Northeast Pavement Preservation Partnership

Pavement Interactive

CAP Lab Web Page

CTDOT Pavement Management Group