Cost Estimating and Estimator


The Cost Estimating group is part of the Division of Design Services.  The functions of Cost Estimating are to provide cost estimating guidance and to prepare the Engineer’s Estimates and bid analyses for Department-administered construction contracts.  The Cost Estimating group also provides as-needed assistance on the application of the Estimator software.

The Cost Estimating Guidelines provide an overview and general guidance on preparing estimates for Department projects during project development and design.  The guidelines are applied in conjunction with the estimating software.      

AASHTO's Trns*port© Estimator

Estimator is an interactive, PC based, stand-alone cost estimation system for highway construction.   The Connecticut Department of Transportation has adopted Estimator for use in preparing construction cost estimates.  All Final Design Plan (FDP) cost estimates must be submitted to ProjectWise, in digital Estimator format, as indicated by the 

Digital Project Development Manualand outlined in the Trns•port  Estimator Users Guide 2.13a-1.

Estimator can be installed stand-alone or in a networked environment with managed user access (within your firm).  Either installation model will use ConnDOT’s Estimator catalogs.  Estimator is a proprietary software product of Info Tech Inc.


The following Department guidance documents are available to support Estimator use:


Estimator Users Guide 2.13a-1 (pdf 7.4 mb) (updated 04/19/2016)

Generic Estimator Training Guide (Version 2.13a pdf 3.8 mb)(updated 08/12/15)

Generic Estimator User's Guide (Version 2.13a pdf 3.8 mb)(updated 08/12/15)

System Manager's Guide (Version 2.12a pdf 3.1 mb)

Web-Trnsport Interaction Guide (Version 2.12a pdf 1.6 mb)

Highway Log (.pdf)

       Estimator Templates (.zip)(updated 10/17/2012)

Sample Estimator Spreadsheet (updated 10/01/2013)

Estimator Checklist (updated 08/10/2016) Required with FDP estimate submittal.

August 2015 Estimator Training Presentation Consultants

August 2015 Estimator Training Presentation CTDOT Personnel


CONSULTANT CATALOGS (not required for internal users)

General and product ordering information is available through an InfoTech web page or email at

The Catalog Instructions for Consultants Using Estimator 2.12a for CT DOT link provides guidance on installing and updating catalogs.  The following files are used for creating and updating catalogs:

   Estimator Catalog Updates (zipped xml files updated 08/05/2019)

   New Estimator Catalogs (zipped xml files updated 12/12/2013) 

Note: The English 5 Year Catalog is now available for reference, only to investigate prices on English items that do not have a sufficient 3 year bid history. Do not use this catalog to obtain prices for the entire estimate!


Occasionally, an item needed for a construction contract is not included in the Estimator catalog.  When a bid item not included in the Estimator catalog is needed for a project, the designer should submit a New Item Request.This request needs to be submitted at least six weeks prior to the Final Design Plans (FDP) due date.


Estimated-Cost Items

In Estimator, costs for estimated-cost (est) items should be provided as described here.

The “unit price” should always be $1.00, regardless of the item or estimated cost.

The “quantity” should be the estimated cost in dollars.

See Section 5.3 of the Estimator Users Guide 2.13a-1

Elimination of Quantity-Based Items

The Department has eliminated/discontinued the use of quantity-based item numbers.  For example, under the previous system, the item number for “Earth Excavation” was quantity dependent.  Under the new/current system, the same item number is used for Earth Excavation, regardless of the quantity.  

Other Information

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