On-line Transportation Research Agreements
HPR-1271 - Technology Transfer (T2) Center at UConn
NETC 00-4 - Portable Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) Study
NETC 01-1 - Advanced Composite Materials (Fiber Reinforced Polymers or Polymer Matrix Composites) for New England’s Highway Infrastructure:  A Synthesis of Technology and Practice
NETC 01-3 - Design of Superpave Hot Mix Asphalt for Low Volume Roads
NETC 02-1 - Relating Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Density to Performance
NETC 02-2 (Phase II) - Formulate an Approach for 511 Implementation in New England - Phase II
NETC 02-3 - Establish Subgrade Support Values for Typical Soils (Mr) in New England
NETC 02-6 - Sealing of Small Movement Bridge Expansion Joints
NETC 02-7 - Validating Traffic Simulation Models to Inclement Weather Conditions with Applications to Arterial Coordinated Signal Systems
NETC 03-1 - Ability of Wood Fiber Materials to Attenuate Heavy Metals Associated With Highway Runoff
NETC 03-2 - Field Studies of Concrete Containing Salts of an Alkenyl-Substituted Succinic Acid
NETC 03-3 (Phase 1) - Feasibility Study and Design of An Erosion Control Laboratory in New England - Phase 1
NETC 03-3 (Phase 2) - Feasibility Study of Erosion Control Laboratory in New England:  Addendum, Design Considerations for a Prototype Erosion Control Testing Plot - Phase 2
NETC 03-4 - Measuring Pollutant Removal Efficiencies of Storm Water Treatment Units
NETC 03-5 - Evaluation of Field Permeameter as a Longitudinal Joint Quality Control Indicator
NETC 03-7 - Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
NETC 04-3 - Estimating the Magnitude of Peak Flows for Steep Gradient Streams in New England
NETC 04-4 - Determining the Effective PG Grade of Binder in RAP Mixes
NETC 04-5 - Network-Based Highway Crash Prediction Using Geographic Information Systems
SPR-2217 - Monitoring of Highway Bridges in Connecticut
SPR-2230 - Development and Implementation of a Highway Construction Quality Assurance Program for the Connecticut Department of Transportation, Phase I – HMA Concrete
SPR-2235 - Program Development for the Connecticut Transportation Institute
SPR-2239 (Phase 1A) - Development of Internet-Based Computer Databases for the Connecticut Department of Transportation:  Phase 1A – Development of the Connecticut Product Evaluation Database (ConnPED) Application
SPR-2239 (Phase 1B) - Development of Internet-Based Computer Databases for the Connecticut Department of Transportation:  Phase 1B – Development of an Internet-Based Protocol for the Connecticut Product Evaluation Database (ConnPED) Application
SPR-2240 - Evaluating the Long-Term Performance of Pavements Thermally Imaged During Construction - Phase 1:  Developing Spatial Tools for Location Identification
SPR-2241 - Evaluation of Pavement Crack Treatments - Phase 1:  Literature and Data Review
SPR-2242 - Correlation of Nuclear Density Readings with Cores Cut from Compacted Roadways
SPR-2305 - Connecticut Advanced Pavement Laboratory (CAP Lab)