Consultant Selection Office
The Consultant Selection Office (CSO), in coordination with the Commissioner, manages and directs all activities regarding the solicitation and selection of consultant firms for all Department Bureaus.  The CSO also coordinates the annual consultant prequalification process.
Consultant Selection Office 
Office of the Commissioner
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Telephone: (860)594-3017
Fax: (860)594-3491
or email to:
The Consultant Selection Office is now using electronic (email) notifications.  Please ensure emails from & are not automatically marked as spam by your email system.
Please note: The guidelines concerning volume and recent selection can be found on page 11 of the Consultant Selection Office Procedures Manual (see link below).  If you have any specific questions, please call the Consultant Selection Office at 860-594-3017.
IMPORTANT NOTICE OF CHANGE: January 1, 2017, marked the beginning of a pilot program for the selection of assignments which fall under the Construction Engineering and Inspection (Rails) and Construction Engineering and Inspection (Facilities) prequalification categories.  Assignments within these categories will be excluded from the recent selection criteria, and not affect a firm's ability to pursue other assignments.  As a pilot program, the CSO will be keeping data and track these assignments to ensure there are no unintended consequences as well as to measure its success in meeting the Department's business objectives.

Active Solicitations for Consultant Services

  • CSO #2350 - Innovative and Alternative Financing    
  •    CSO #2354 - Task Order Environmental Soil and Groundwater Services
  • CSO #2357 & 2358 - Task Order Fabrication Inspection Services & Task Order Materials Testing Services
  • CSO #2362Consultant Liaison Services for Highway Design
  •   CSO #2363 - REVISED - Statewide Inspection of Highway Bridges, Tunnels and Sign Supports 
  • CSO #2364 - Task Order Hydraulics & Drainage Support Services


Past Consultant Selections

Annual Consultant Prequalification Information for 2021 - Submittal deadline was November 16, 2020.  Applications are no longer being accepted.   


SBE Directory of firms.  (use Class 0600)

Affidavits     OPM Website

CSO 255 Submittal Form - Jan 2016 (word)