Consultant Selection Office
The Consultant Selection Office (CSO), in coordination with the Commissioner, manages and directs all activities regarding the solicitation and selection of consultant firms for all Department Bureaus.  The CSO also coordinates the annual consultant prequalification process.
Consultant Selection Office 
Office of the Commissioner
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Telephone: (860)594-3017
Fax: (860)594-3491
or email to:
The Consultant Selection Office is now using electronic (email) notifications.  Please ensure emails from & are not automatically marked as spam by your email system.

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RECENT SELECTION REVISION !!! -    Beginning May 1, 2021, the consideration of Recent Selection criteria will change to the following:

  • The ‘look back’ window will be extended to 12 months.
  • Firms may be selected for 2 assignments within a 12 month rolling period.
  • Firms may only be selected for one assignment in the same prequalification category in a 6 month period.
  • Recent Selection will continue to be waived if less than the minimum number of firms statutorily required to be interviewed submit proposals in response to a solicitation.
VOLUME DETERMINATION REVISIONS -   Beginning October 1, 2021 the following revisions will apply
  • Calculation of a firms volume percentage will be based on paid invoices over the last 3 years.
  • Solicitations advertised via legal notice will not be held to the 5% volume capacity.  A firms volume will be a consideration during the final selection process


IMPORTANT:  Assignments which fall under the Construction Engineering and Inspection (Rails) or Construction Engineering and Inspection (Facilities) prequalification categories, or assignment advertised via legal notice, will continue to be exempt from the recent selection criteria, and do not affect a firm's ability to pursue other assignments.  

Solicitation Look Ahead 10.7.21


Active Solicitations for Consultant Services


  •   CSO #2368 - REVISED - Construction Engineering and Inspection (Facilities) Services for Project No. 0320-0016 AND 0320-0023
  •   CSO #2372 - Design Services for State Project No. 301-520; New Haven Line Power Program
  •   CSO #2373 - Task Order Traffic and Safety Engineering
  •   CSO #2374Construction Engineering and Inspection (Road & Bridge) Services for Project No. 102-296
  •   CSO #2375 - Construction Engineering and Inspection (Facilities) Services for Project No. 95-255 & 143-192


Past Consultant Selections - 9.10.21

Annual Consultant Prequalification Information for 2022 - Now Available! - Submittal deadline for the 2022 calendar year is October 15, 2021


SBE Directory of firms.  (use Class 0600)

Affidavits     OPM Website

CSO 255 Submittal Form - Jan 2016 (word)