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Roadway Lighting Replacement

The Connecticut Department of Transportation's (Department) Office of Engineering is developing plans for the replacement of existing high pressure sodium (HPS) type roadway lighting fixtures with new light emitting diode (LED) type fixtures on Interstate 95 in Bridgeport, and the replacement of existing roadway lighting systems on Interstate 91 in New Haven, North Haven and Wallingford, Route 40 in North Haven and Hamden, Route 22 and Route 5 in North Haven, State Road 702 in Wallingford, and Route 25 and Route 111 in Trumbull. 

Replacement of the existing roadway lighting systems involves replacing the existing light poles, light pole foundations, HPS type light fixtures, underground circuitry and electric service cabinets with new light poles, light pole foundations, LED type light fixtures, underground circuitry and electric service cabinets.  The purpose of this project is to replace existing light fixtures and roadway lighting systems that have reached the end of their useful life in order to improve the operation and reduce the maintenance requirements of the roadway lighting systems.


It is the Department's policy to keep the public informed when such projects are undertaken.  It is important that the community share their concerns with the Department to assist in the project's development.


The present schedule indicates that final design plans will be available in November, 2020.  The project will be undertaken with 80 percent federal and 20 percent state funds.


Anyone interested in receiving information on this project may do so by contacting Mr. Jon Andrews, Project Manager, at (860) 594-2792 or by e-mail at  Please make reference to State Project No. 173-504, Replacement of Roadway Illumination Systems in District 3.

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