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Rehabilitation of the Putnam Bridge

Route 3 over the Connecticut River

Glastonbury, Connecticut

State Project No. 53-179

The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced today that beginning April 25, 2008, the DOT will commence work on a project to repair and resurface the Putnam Bridge, which carries Route 3 over the Connecticut River between Wethersfield and Glastonbury.  The proposed construction will provide short term, immediate-need deck repairs and consists of milling of the bituminous concrete wearing surfaces, patching of the concrete deck, repair of deck joints, installing a waterproof deck membrane and repaving the deck.  These repairs are intended to prolong the service life of the bridge pending the design and programming of a more comprehensive rehabilitation project.

This project will require directional closings of the bridge during the coming spring and early summer weekends. These weekend closures will typically take place between the hours of 8:00 p.m. Friday and 6:00 am Monday.  The overall duration of the directional closures will not exceed 10 non-holiday weekends (five weekends in each direction).   The duration will be largely dependant on the extent of the required deck repairs and the weather.

During directional closures, only one direction of the bridge will be closed at a time with no simultaneous lane closures permitted in the opposite direction.

The first directional weekend closure is scheduled to take place on the weekend beginning Friday evening, April 25th and will involve the Southbound (Glastonbury to Wethersfield) lanes of the bridge.  Route 3 Southbound (Glastonbury to Wethersfield) will be closed at the “Main Street Glastonbury” exit. A signed detour will be in place.  Local and State Police will be stationed to guide motorists through the detour.  These southbound closures will be required for up to five consecutive, non-holiday weekends.

During the weekend bridge closure;

  • Route 2 westbound traffic will be directed to follow Route 2 westbound to the East River Drive exit and follow the detour to the Charter Oak Bridge and I-91 southbound.
  • Local traffic and Route 2 eastbound traffic will be directed to follow a detour to Route 2 westbound to the East River Drive exit and follow the detour to the Charter Oak Bridge and I-91 southbound.

Detailed project information, current schedule and graphic representation of the detour plan are available on the Department of Transportation website at:

The work on this $4.9 million project is being preformed by the Arborio Corporation of Cromwell, Connecticut, under contract with the Department of Transportation.