ARRA Funding Opportunities

Highways and Bridges   
Total Available: $302 million
($90.6M attributable to the Metropolitan Planning Organizations)
These funds are available for transportation projects including resurfacing and pavement preservation projects, traffic signal system upgrades, bridge projects, transit projects, and intelligent transportation systems.  Funds are distributed by formula, with a suballocation to the Metropolitan Planning Organizations by population areas.
Transit Capital Grants
Total Available: $117 million
These funds will be used to purchase buses and equipment needed to provide additional public transportation service and make improvements to intermodal and transit facilities.
Rail Modernization (Fixed Guideway)
Total Available: $32 million
These funds will be used for capital projects to modernize or improve existing fixed guideway systems, including purchase and rehabilitation of rolling stock, track, line equipment, structures, signals and communication, power equipment and substations, passenger stations and terminals, security and communications, security equipment and systems, maintenance facilities and equipment, operational support equipment including computer hardware and software, system extensions, and preventive maintenance.
Rural Transit Assistance Program
Total Available: $4 million
The Rural Transit Assistance Program provides funding to assist in the design and implementation of training and technical assistance projects and other support services tailored to meet the needs of operators in nonurbanized areas.