Stamford Parking Garage - Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What does the garage replacement project involve?

The original Stamford Parking Garage has 727 spaces and will be replaced with new facilities.  A second garage, attached to the original garage, was constructed in 2004 and provides an additional 1,200 parking spaces and will typically remain in use.  The new parking facilities will contain a minimum of 1,000 parking spaces for commuter parking. Station Place will be upgraded to include better pedestrian and bicyclist access.  After the original garage has been replaced, commuter parking for more than 2,200 cars will be provided.

2.      Why can’t the original garage simply be repaired instead of replaced?

The original garage is aging and requires extensive and costly maintenance.  A 2006 report, updated in 2010 found that a new garage would be more cost effective than maintaining the original garage and would have a much longer useful life. 

3.      Where do I park during construction?

The 2004 Garage will typically remain open with 1,200 of the 1,927 commuters continuing to park there. Prior to demolition of the original garage, temporary parking will be identified and will be made available during all phases of construction so that there will be at least the same total number of commuter parking spaces that are currently available.

4.      Where will new parking be located?

The specific site(s) for both new and temporary parking during construction is yet to be determined, but the goal is to locate such parking such that it will be within easy walking distance of the train station.

5.      How long is construction going to take?

The goal is to keep disruption to the commuter to a minimum.  We estimate a yearlong design phase will be followed by a 2 year construction phase.

6.      How will handicapped parking and access be affected during construction?

The same number of handicapped parking spaces currently located within the original garage structure will be added to the adjacent 2004 garage structure.

7.      How will pedestrians and bicyclists be affected during construction?

The Contractor will be required to maintain safe access to the train station for pedestrians and bicyclists at all times during construction. 

8.      What are the next steps for the project?

As currently planned, a public hearing will be conducted this Fall to receive comments on the Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE) for the proposed project.  This public hearing process will include a public comment period and the DOT will address all comments and incorporate any needed mitigation into the document.  CTDOT will be moving forward with the development of plans for the new parking facilities upon completion of the EIE.