Introducing TED: Our new Transportation Enterprise Data program. This is a self-service resource for all things CTDOT. In a couple of clicks you’ll be able to get data and maps of Connecticut’s roadways, traffic volumes, crash data, and more. It’s a one stop shop for geospatial data. Visit us today!


Bureau of Finance and Administration


Affirmative Action Forms

Affirmative Action Plan for New Firms

Affirmative Action Question and Answer Sheet Affirmative Action Approval Checklist – Initial Submission
Affirmative Action Plan for New Firms Part 1
Affirmative Action Plan for New Firms Part 2
Affirmative Action Plan for New Firms Part 3

Affirmative Action Plan Annual Update

DBE Program Forms

2019 AAP Update Checklist DBE Frequently Asked Questions
2019 AAP Update Cover Letter DBE No Change Affidavit
2019 Update Policy Statement Commercially Useful Function Guide
2019 AAP Update Company Data Sheet DBE Good Faith Effort Process
Application for Review of Pre-Award Good
Faith Efforts

Annual Site Record Review Forms

Compliance Review Forms

Annual Site Record Contractor Packet A & B Forms   Compliance Review Prime Contractor Packet A Forms
Compliance Review Subcontractor Packet B Forms

Contractor/Subcontractor ARRA Reporting Requirements

Prime Contractor Reporting Requirements

ARRA Reporting Requirement – Cover Letter Contractor Reporting for ALL Projects – Cover Letter  
ARRA Reporting Requirement – Instruction Sheet Contractor Reporting for ALL Projects – Workforce Utilization Sheet  
Contractor Reporting for ALL Projects – OJT Sheet  
ARRA Reporting Requirement – 1391 Form
ARRA Reporting Requirement – Re-Hire Sheet
ARRA Reporting Requirement – DBE Participation Sheet

OJT Forms

Title VI Forms

OJT Frequently Asked Questions   Title VI Policy
OJT Monthly Report Form 1409-A

Title VI Notice to the Public

Sus Derechos bajo el Título VI del Acto de Derechos Civiles de 1964

OJT Trainee Approval Request Form 1415A

Title VI Discrimination Complaint Form

Formulario de Denuncia Por Discriminacion Bajo el Titulo VI y Programas Relacionados

OJT Trainee Completion Form Resource Directory for Community Outreach & Employee Referrals
OJT Brochure

FHWA 1391 Forms
FHWA 1391 Cover Letter  
Instructions for submitting Form 1391  
Municipal Contractor’s Instructions for submitting Form 1391  
Race and Ethnic Identification Definitions   
FHWA 1391 Forms