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Bureau of Finance and Administration

Affirmative Action Plans

The affirmative action plan is a formal, written, results-oriented document that outlines specific steps the contractor/consultant will take to remedy the present effects of past discrimination and insure the full utilization of minorities, women and other protected classes within the workforce.

Prime contractors/consultants must have an approved affirmative action plan prior to being awarded a contract and subcontractors/sub consultants must have a plan approved prior to starting work.

The Office of Contract Compliance is responsible for the review and approval of all contractor/consultant affirmative action plans for CTDOT administered projects and maintains a database of all firms with approved plans.

Affirmative Action Forms
New Firms

Affirmative Action Approval Checklist - Initial Submission
Affirmative Action Plan for New Firms Part 1  
Affirmative Action Plan for New Firms Part 2
Affirmative Action Plan for New Firms Part 3
Annual Update
2022 AAP Update Checklist
2022 AAP Update Cover Letter 
2022 Update Policy Statement
2022 AAP Update Company Data Sheet
Instructions for Submitting Electronic AAP
Instructions for Submitting Electronic AAP
Additional Resources
Sexual Harassment Prevention Resources

The Office of Contract Compliance no longer issues approval letters for Affirmative Action Plan updates. To determine if a firm has an approved Affirmative Action Plan on file with the Department, please refer to the Affirmative Action Plan Approval List posted below. The approval list is updated weekly.

Affirmative Action Approval List
Resource Directory for Community Outreach and Employee Referrals
Please note that the Resource Directory above is for both community outreach and employee referrals. When using the Directory for employee referral sources, refer to the column titled "Referral Source" to confirm whether the organization is an acceptable referral source to meet affirmative action hiring requirements.

Phylisha Coles
Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist
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