Public Scoping Comments

The comments contained on this page were received as part of the Public Scoping Meeting, which was held jointly as a Public Information Meeting on June 15, 2016.  The comment period for the public scoping was held open until July 1, 2016.  The Department of Transportation is thankful for the great turnout at the meeting and for the many comments received from the public and from legislative, State, municipal, and special interest offices.  Special thanks also go to the town of Westport and special interest groups who have assisted in spreading the word and engaging the local community.

Notes: 1) Private information was redacted from correspondence; 2) This page is a work in progress and more correspondence may be uploaded in the near future

No.Name                                         Organization/Title/Office                              Date                  
 1Roger Rowell  Resident 6/5/2016
 2Taryn Bolotin & Robbie Guimond  Resident 6/6/2016
 3Kate Tarrant  Resident 6/13/2016
 4Vincent Petrecca  Resident 6/13/2016
 5Malcolm Watson  Resident 6/13/2016
 6Mary Schmerker  Resident 6/13/2016
 7Ellen Van Dorsten  Resident 6/13/2016
 8Danielle Rossoni  Resident 6/13/2016
 9Glenn Payne  Resident 6/13/2016
 10Kim Shapiro  Resident 6/13/2016
 11Donna Walling  Resident 6/14/2016
 12Judy Starr  Resident 6/14/2016
 13John & Anita Caggiano  Resident 6/14/2016
 14Anne Pfeiffer  Resident 6/15/2016
 15Jane Green  Resident 6/15/2016
 16Douglas Odell  Resident 6/15/2016
 17Hilde Uccellini  Resident 6/15/2016
 18Matt & AnnMarie Massie  Resident 6/15/2016
 19Sharon Cribari-Saccary  Resident 6/15/2016
 20Rick & Debi Smilow  Resident 6/15/2016
 21Marco Caggiano  Resident 6/16/2016
 22Amy Saperstein  Resident 6/18/2016
 23R. Channing Wheeler  Resident 6/18/2016
 24Gail Stone  Resident 6/19/2016
 25Lisa Francoeur  Resident 6/19/2016
 26Glenn Gans  Resident  6/20/2016
 27J. Sirmons  Resident 6/20/2016
 28Melanie Minella  Resident 6/20/2016
 29Patty Kondub  Resident 6/21/2016
 30Josh Moritz  Resident 6/21/2016
 31Nancy Kondub  Resident 6/21/2016
 32Richard Lowenstein  Resident 6/21/2016
 33Barbara Nash  Resident 6/21/2016
 34Lawrence Sherman  Resident 6/21/2016
 35Lawrence Sherman  Resident 6/22/2016
 36Josh Moritz  Resident 6/22/2016
 37Carey Weber  Resident 6/22/2016
 38Donald Cummings  Resident 6/24/2016
 39Werner Liepolt  Resident 6/27/2016
 40Roberta Liepolt  Resident 6/27/2016
 41Martha Hauhuth  Resident 6/27/2016
 42Cathy Walsh  Planning & Zoning Commission Chair 6/27/2016
 43Patricia Bisacky  DPH - Drinking Water Section 6/28/2016
 44Trish Lawrence  Resident 6/28/2016
 45David J. Fox  DEEP - Office of Environmental Review 6/29/2016
 46Lavinia Larsson  Resident 6/29/2016
 47David Meth  Westport Preservation Alliance 6/29/2016
 48Judy Starr  Resident 6/29/2016
 49Elena Klopfer  Resident 6/29/2016
 50John Goldhurst  Resident 6/29/2016
 51Teri Piekara  Resident 6/29/2016
 52Ian Warburg and Valerie Jacobs  Save Westport Now 6/29/2016
 53Don Bergmann    Resident 6/30/2016
 54Clayton Hughes et al  Resident 6/30/2016
 55Mary Sikorski  Resident 6/30/2016
 56Jonathan Steinberg  State Representative 6/30/2016
 57Patricia Brennecke  Resident 6/30/2016
 58Bob and Nora Caporale  Resident 6/30/2016
 59James Marpe  Town of Westport First Selectman  6/30/2016
 60Bob Weingarten  Resident 6/30/2016
 61Norman Kramer and Art Schoeller  Greens Farms Association 6/30/2016
 62Judith G. Freedman  Resident 6/30/2016
 63Catherine Ryan  Resident 6/30/2016
 64Janet Rubel  Resident 6/30/2016
 65William Ryan  Resident 6/30/2016
 66Catherine Romano  Resident 6/30/2016
 67Barbara Slaine  Resident 6/30/2016
 68Libby Light  Resident 6/30/2016
 69Mary Schmerker  Resident 6/30/2016
 70Christopher Lewis  Resident 6/30/2016
 71John Suggs et al  Westport Preservation Alliance 7/1/2016
 72Valerie and Greg DiPrato  Resident 7/1/2016
 73Pamela Klomberg  Resident 7/1/2016
 74S. Horowitz  Resident 7/1/2016
 75Steve Obsitnik and Suzanne Tager  Resident 7/1/2016
 76Rob Driscoll  Resident 7/1/2016
 77Louis Mall  Resident 7/1/2016
 78Janis and Eugene Fox  Resident 7/1/2016
 79Peter Fulbright  Resident 7/1/2016
 80P. W. Wriedt  Resident 7/1/2016
 81Veronica and Tom Hofstetter  Resident 7/1/2016
 82Douglas Odell  Resident 7/1/2016
 83David Brown  Resident 7/1/2016
 84Gabe Block  Resident 7/1/2016
 85Teri Guma  Resident 7/1/2016
 86Sharon Cribari-Saccary et al  Resident 7/1/2016
 87Michael Wiseman  Resident 7/1/2016
 88Francis Henkels  Resident 7/1/2016