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Connecticut Department of Transportation

Design-Build Program

Welcome to the Design-Build web page. This page is dedicated to the Design-Build program at CTDOT. Below you will find Recent News and Updates, Project Specific and Programmatic Information. If you do not find the information you are looking for here please see the contact information at the bottom of the page for additional assistance



01/14/2022  The Conflict of Interest and Unfair Competitive Advantage Provisions on the FAQ page were updated.

12/22/2021  – CTDOT short listed the teams of O&G Industries, Inc./WSP USA, Inc, Yonkers Contracting Company/HW Lochner, Inc, and Walsh Construction Company II, LLC / AECOM for Project No. 0079-0245.

11/23/2021  – The description of State Project No. 0135-0346 was added.

11/23/2021  The description of State Project No. 0063-0706 was added.

11/18/2021  – The project description for State Project No. 0156-0181 was updated to include the following information: the Project is not anticipated to include a Project Labor Agreement (PLA).   

Project Specific Information


Current Projects:


State Project 0079-0244: Resurfacing, Bridge Rehabilitation and Safety Improvements on I-691

This project is located along I-691, from approximately Log Mile 1.32 in Meriden and extends west to Southington at approximately Log Mile 4.84. The scope of this Project includes construction and design, full depth shoulder reconstruction, removal of bituminous concrete, concrete pavement joint repairs, resetting existing drainage structures, bituminous concrete overlay of PMA on top of a PMA leveling course, roadside safety improvements, bridge deck repairs, evaluation and rehabilitation of existing drainage, signing and lighting improvements.

This Project was Awarded to Manafort Brothers Inc. / WSP USA Inc. A Notice to Proceed was issued on February 19, 2021 to begin design and construction.  The Project website can be found at:

State Project 0301-0047: Stamford Station Parking Garage

A new parking garage for the Stamford Transportation Center (STC) on South State Street in the City of Stamford. The new garage will be connected to the station via an enclosed pedestrian bridge over Washington Boulevard. The proposed project site is State of Connecticut property bounded on the south by Metro-North Railroad right-of-way, on the east by Washington Boulevard, on the west by the Rippowam River, and on the north by I-95. The project site is partially occupied by an existing surface parking lot for the STC.

The purpose of the proposed project is to replace the aging original garage structure (currently located on Station Place) with a low maintenance, long service life facility that meets the demand for State-owned commuter parking spaces located proximate to the STC.

This Project was awarded to Yonkers Contracting Company, Inc. / Walker Consultants on May 7, 2021.

State Project 0036-0203: Rt. 8 Resurfacing, Bridge Rehabilitation and Safety Improvements

The project is located on Route 8, beginning in the City of Shelton at MP 10.60, and extending 8.8 miles north through the Cities of Derby and Ansonia, and into the Town of Seymour to MP 19.40. The Project scope will include but not limited to design and construction of; Roadway rehabilitation consisting of structural pavement rehabilitation and cross slope correction; Roadway drainage and cross culvert investigation, repairs, and replacements; Bridge rehabilitation; Guiderail and median barrier improvements; Illumination and Incident Management System (IMS) work; and Environmental and water resource permitting and management.

CTDOT shortlisted the teams of Manafort Brothers, Inc/WSP USA, Inc, O&G Industries/HW Lochner, Inc, and Empire Paving, Inc/STV, Inc.


State Project No. 0079-0245: I-691 EB to I-91 NB Interchange Improvements in Meriden and Middletown

This project is located on a segment of Interstate 91 (I-91) that provides access to Interstate 691 (I-691), and East Main Street in the City of Meriden. The project limits begin on I-91 NB from the junction of the on-ramp from Route 15 NB (MP 19.6) to the Middletown rest area (MP 21.42) for approximately 1.8 miles. The project limits begin on I-691 EB off-ramp (MP 0.02) and extend to its junction with I-91 NB for approximately 0.4 miles.

The purpose of this project is to reduce congestion for the traffic movement at the left-handed off-ramp from I-691 EB to I-91 NB and along I-91 NB mainline and address associated safety concerns within the proposed project limits.

The proposed improvements consist of widening the off-ramp from I-691 EB to I-91 NB (Interchange no. 11) to two lanes and the construction of an operational lane on I-91 NB from the on-ramp from Interchange no. 11 s and the Middletown rest area. Bridge No. 01837 will be widened due to the proposed improvements.  The merge point of the I-691 EB and WB off-ramps will be re-aligned to improve traffic operations by providing additional storage and maneuverability for vehicles.

I-91 NB is proposed to be improved between the on-ramp from Route 15 NB and the Middletown Rest Area by adding an operational lane and widening Bridge No. 03051 (I-91 NB over Baldwin Avenue) to accommodate the additional mainline lane.  The deck for this bridge is also proposed to be replaced.  No right-of-way impact is anticipated as part of this project.

CTDOT short listed the teams of O&G Industries, Inc./WSP USA, Inc, Yonkers Contracting Company/HW Lochner, Inc, and Walsh Construction Company II, LLC / AECOM.

Upcoming Projects:


State Project 0156-0181: Replacement of Bridge No. 00162 on I-95 over Metro North Railroad in West Haven
The purpose and need for the project is to address the bridge’s structural deficiencies and functionally obsolescence. The project is anticipated to involve the removal and replacement of the six-span simply supported superstructure, piers and abutments with a three-span composite continuous superstructure. It is also anticipated piers and abutments will be supported on existing and proposed piles. The bridge will also be widened to accommodate an additional southbound lane. Approximately 2,200 feet of Interstate 95 will be reconstructed.  The southbound exit 43 off-ramp will be reconstructed improving traffic operations.  The Project also involves coordination of overhead high voltage lines and Metro North Railroad.  Environmental permits are to be determined. No right-of-way impacts are anticipated as part of this project.

The advertisement of the Request for Qualifications is anticipated to be in Summer 2022 with the Request for Proposals to follow within two months. This Project is not anticipated to include a Project Labor Agreement (PLA).


State Project No. 0063-0726: Rehabilitation of Bridge 01469B (Dutch Point Viaduct) I-91 SB in Hartford

This project consists of the rehabilitation of Bridge No. 01469B (Dutch Point Viaduct) which carries three lanes of southbound Interstate 91 traffic over the Connecticut Southern Railroad (CSRR), SR 598 Westbound and TR803 in the City of Hartford. The bridge consists of 33 spans with an overall length of approximately 1,800 feet, with a curb-to-curb width of 42’-0” and the out-to-out width is 47’-6”.

The purpose of this project is to upgrade the integrity of the bridge structural elements to a “state of good repair” to meet current design standards and improve the load carrying capacity, with the intent that all legal and permit vehicles are accommodated. It is anticipated that the project will involve deck replacement with precast panels, joint replacement (including longitudinal joint and elastomeric concrete headers), superstructure steel repair and strengthening, bearing repairs, spot painting, repair and strengthening of steel pier bents using micropiles, substructure patching and repair of the bridge drainage system. This project is within the levee protected flood zone X of the Connecticut River and therefore, it is not anticipated there will be a need for a Floodplain Management Certification.

The advertisement of the Request for Qualifications is anticipated to be in Winter of 2022 with the Request for Proposals to follow within two months. 

State Project No. 0135-0346: Resurfacing and Safety Improvements on I-95, City of Stamford

This project is located on I-95 in the City of Stamford. Project limits extend from Bridge 00023, I-95 over West Avenue at Exit 6 (log mile 6.63) to Bridge No. 00026 over Greenwich Avenue and the Rippowam River at Exit 7 (Log Mile 7.34). The scope of this project includes roadway widening for auxiliary lanes, rehabilitation of concrete pavement base and joints, replacement of bituminous pavement, repair/replacement of concrete median barrier, upgrading roadside safety to MASH, minor bridge repairs, replacement of noise walls, drainage upgrades, replacement of overhead and side mounted signs and replacement of IMS fiber optic and cameras.

The advertisement of the Request for Qualifications is anticipated to be in Spring of 2022 with the Request for Proposals to follow within two months.

Past Projects:

State Project 0171-0431: Rehabilitation of Bridge Nos. 02366, 02367, & 02369 in East Hartford & Bridge No. 00847 in Willington

Links to General Information:

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