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CT Dept. Of Labor: New Text Scam Requests Identity Verification

(Wethersfield, CT) – Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) Commissioner Danté Bartolomeo is warning residents of another text scam—this one tells filers to verify their identity in order to process their unemployment payment. The text appears to be a message from ReEmployCT but sends users to a ‘.net’ address to verify their information. The agency does not do claims work through text or social media. As is true for other scams, CTDOL expects variations of this text message to proliferate.


CTDOL warns residents not to click on these links.


Commissioner Bartolomeo said, “CTDOL does not do claims work over text or on social media platforms. We do not verify identity through text or on social media. We do not ask for account information or personal identifying information on text or social media. The only place to get information about your unemployment account is at or call the Consumer Contact Center at”


The Connecticut Department of Labor works with state and federal law enforcement to protect the unemployment system from imposter claims and fraud. If you think your personal information has been compromised, please notify your local law enforcement. In the case where you believe an unemployment claim has been filed using your identity, report that to the Department of Labor as well. The agency has information, reporting tools, and resources available on its fraud page.


Cyber security experts recommend regular account maintenance to maintain the integrity and security of your personal information. Best practices include:

  • Use different passwords for your social media, banking, email, and other accounts. 
  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Use strong passwords—upper and lowercase letters, symbols, possibly a short phrase in lieu of a single word, and stay away from dictionary words. 
  • Monitor your accounts—if you had an email breach, other accounts may also be compromised.
  • If you receive a message via text or email and it seems suspicious, do not reply to the message, instead, independently search out the contact information for the organization so you can confirm the communication.


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