CALL 211 INFO LINE and press #3 and #1 if you are homeless or in a housing emergency. The state and federal government have taken a number of steps to help protect homeowners and renters impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Homeless Prevention Program

Acting through the Department of Housing (DOH) and the state’s seven Coordinated Access Networks (CAN), the State of Connecticut has created the Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) to respond to the housing issues associated with the advent of COVID-19 and the ongoing effects. In order to safely ensure emergency shelter capacity for individuals and families at greatest risk for entering the homeless service system, the State has created a multi-pronged prevention strategy to reduce inflow into emergency shelter.   One strategy is to reduce new admissions to the homeless service system resulting from eviction, which is the primary goal of the Homeless Prevention Program. The program provides services and/or financial assistance to prevent evictions at earlier points than provided by existing homeless diversion programs.

2-1-1 serves as the referral point and will assess for a tenant’s basic eligibility and prioritization.    The Homeless Prevention Program may assist with rental arrearage; however, if a tenant’s current rental unit is no longer financially sustainable, the program may assist with relocation to a more affordable unit.  Eligibility requirements for the program include:

A. The rental must be the applicant’s primary residence in Connecticut. 
B. The applicant must have an annual gross income of less than 50% of AMI. 

C. The applicant must have a past due rental obligation at the time of application. 

D. The applicant must face the threat of losing their place of residence as evidenced by:
a. Notice or record of nonpayment of rent as of March 1, 2020 or thereafter  AND
b. A Notice to Quit issued for occurrence of nonpayment 

E. Applicant does not have sufficient resources or support networks, e.g. family, friends, faith-based or other social networks, immediately available to prevent them from becoming literally homeless. 

F. The Applicant must be able to enter into a voluntary or court-ordered Agreement with the landlord that includes allowable federal Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) activities such as payment of rental arrearages, short-term rental assistance, rental application fees, moving costs, utility arrears, and utility deposits.  

G. Housing must be affordable.  

H. Applicants receiving federal or state rental subsidies will be eligible for a one-time rental arrearage payment only.  Staff will confirm that the cause for the arrearage was not related to a reduction in household income.   The household must meet all other HPP eligibility requirements.  These tenants will be referred to case management services. 

If you are in need, call 2-1-1, and staff will conduct an initial screening to determine which programs may be available to assist you. Please make every attempt to remain in contact with your landlord, and to make rental payments.  

HPP Flyer  
HPP Flyer - Spanish 

50% AMI Income Limits