Connecticut Department of Correction
Job Posting

Position Title:
Head Nurse (Correctional Facility)
Infectious Disease Control Program
(Hazardous Duty)
Open To: The Public
Location: Central Office, Wethersfield, CT (travel will be required)
Hours: 1st Shift, Monday - Friday (some evening hours will be required)
Salary: $65,027 - $87,698 (Annually)
Closing Date: March 31, 2015
This position will be responsible for providing the Department with a broad based and comprehensive capability in addressing emerging and on-going disease in the facilities and among the patient population.  Will assist with the oversight of the managed care program and provide a high level of oversight and development of clinical policy while working with our health services vendor.  Supports significant and possible epidemic infectious disease responses.  Provide oversight of various programs such as Hep C screenings; participate in instructional sessions; perform audits, inspections and regular health record chart reviews as needed.  An important component of this position is oversight of vendor provided nursing-related medical activities rather than hands on nursing.
Minimum Qualifications Required
Knowledge, Skill and Ability:
Considerable knowledge of and ability to independently apply nursing principles, techniques and standards; considerable knowledge of medication, their actions, interactions, uses and side effects; knowledge of general and mental health conditions and treatment interventions through utilization of assessment, nursing diagnosis, outcome, identification, health planning, implemenation and re-evaluation; knowledge of and sensitivity to cultural and socio-economic differences; knowledge of emergency and operation room nursing procedures and techniques; knowledge of teaching, counseling and evaluation principles and techniques; considerable interpersonal skills; oral and written communication skills; ability to act as a role model to health care staff; ability to interview; ability to develop curricula; supervisory ability. 
Experience and Training:
General Experience:
Two (2) years experience as a Registered Professional Nurse.
Substitution Allowed: A Bachelor's degree in nursing may be substituted for one (1) year of the General Experience.
Preferred Experience:
Candidates with clinical experience in infectious disease/control and program management; excellent writing skills; computer and data base management are encouraged to apply.  Additionally, BSN/RN is desired.
Experience in correctional health a plus.
Physical Requirement: Incumbents in this class must possess general good health and retain sufficient stamina, agility, visual and auditory acuity necessary to perform all duties of the class.  Incumbents are required to pass a physical examination.
Character Requirement: In addition to the checking of references and of facts stated in the application, a thorough background investigation of each candidate may be made before persons are certified for permanent appointment.
Working Conditions: Incumbents in this class may be required to lift and restrain inmates; may have some exposure to communicable and/or infectious diseases and risk of injury from assaultive and/or abusive inmates; may be exposed to disagreeable conditions.
Application Instructions:
Qualified candidates who meet the above requirements should submit a cover letter, resume, Application for Employment (Form CT-HR-12) which is available at  ,a State of Connecticut Addendum-Criminal Conviction (Form CT-HR-13) which is available at and your last two (2) Performance Evaluations:
Kathy Callahan, HR Specialist
Department of Correction
24 Wolcott Hill Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109
Note for Applicants: The filling of this position will be in accordance with reemployment, SEBAC, promotion and merit employment rules. State employees should be aware that your performance appraisals, attendance records and discipline records will be reviewed to ensure that you meet DOC Administrative Directive 2.3.

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer