To protect the health and safety of the public and our employees, the Department of Banking has limited the number of employees at our office at 260 Constitution Plaza in Hartford. When contacting the Department, please use electronic communication whenever possible. Consumers are encouraged to use our online form for complaints. If you are unsure where to send an inquiry, you may send it to and it will be routed appropriately. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Archived News Releases

Current News


Banking Commissioner Announces 2016 Deposit Rate
-- December 7, 2015

Compliance Audit Group Offering Mortgage Loan Modifications Without License
-- December 1, 2015

Banking Commissioner Warns of Fraudulent Text Message Targeting Webster Bank Customers
-- November 24, 2015

State Mortgage Regulators Issue Action against Prospect Mortgage, LLC
-- November 19, 2015

Banking Commissioner and Liberty Bank President Represent Connecticut at Community Banking Conference
-- October 1, 2015

Bloomfield Man Arrested for Fraudulent Tax Filing
-- September 4, 2015

State Agencies Partner Up to Host Two Shredding Events in April
-- April 6, 2015

Lt. Gov. Wyman, Acting Commissioner Adams Highlight Financial Services Available to Military and Veterans
-- February 24, 2015

Department of Banking Encourages Smart Saving During Connecticut Saves Week
-- February 18, 2015

CT Saves Week: Workshops at American Job Centers Focus on Attaining Financial Goals; Saving Money
-- February 17, 2015

Gov. Malloy Appoints Jorge Perez to Serve as Commissioner of the Department of Banking
-- February 13, 2015

Avoid Companies Offering Student Loan Debt Relief for a Fee
-- January 29, 2015

Don’t Pay for Financial Aid Forms or Information, State Officials Advise
-- January 15, 2015


Governor Malloy Announces that Commissioner Howard Pitkin Will Retire From the Department of Banking After Nearly 40 Years of Service
-- December 19, 2014

Banking Commissioner Urges Consumers to Use Precaution When Shopping Online
-- December 1, 2014

Banking Commissioner Orders Norwalk CPA and Associated Firm to Reimburse Investors at Least $7 Million 
-- November 26, 2014

Connecticut and Oklahoma to Use Uniform Mortgage Test; 45 State Agencies Now Using the Test
-- October 27, 2014

State Officials Encourage Public To Attend Mortgage Assistance Event
-- October 6, 2014

Settlement With Payday Lenders Recovers More Than $3.7 Million Directly to Connecticut Borrowers
-- September 9, 2014

Free Homeowners Mortgage Assistance Event at CoCo Key in Waterbury
-- August 27, 2014

New Public Service Announcement Publicizes Foreclosure Assistance Hotline
-- July 28, 2014

Banking Commissioner Announces $5 Million Settlement with Morgan Stanley
-- June 16, 2014

State Officials Encourage Public to Attend Mortgage Assistance Event
-- May 20, 2014

Department of Banking Issues Consumer Advisory on Virtual Currency
-- May 12, 2014

East Hartford Woman Charged in Mortgage Scheme
-- April 9, 2014

Banking Commissioner Announces Settlement With CashCall, Inc. and Western Sky Financial
-- April 9, 2014

Free Homeowners Mortgage Assistance Event May 30th at the Trumbull Marriott
-- April 3, 2014

Banking Commissioner Issues Consumer Alert Regarding Reports of Telephone Scam
-- March 4, 2014

Financial Education Workshops Offered at American Job Centers
-- February 18, 2014

Department of Banking Promotes America Saves Week and Military Saves Week
-- February 10, 2014


State Banking Commissioner Reminds Holiday Shoppers to Safeguard Their Personal Financial Information
-- December 2, 2013

Governor Malloy, Attorney General Jepsen and Banking Commissioner Announce Upcoming Mortgage Assistance Event
-- October 15, 2013

Department of Banking, CSBS, and Federal Reserve System Release Community Banking Report
-- October 7, 2013

AG Jepsen: Banks Face Four New Performance Tests Under National Mortgage Settlement
-- October 2, 2013

Bridgeport's Community's Bank Declared Insolvent
-- September 13, 2013

Free Homeowners Mortgage Assistance event October 22, 2013 at the Hartford Convention Center
-- September 10, 2013

Governor Malloy, Banks Co-Chairs Commemorate Passage of New Law Increasing Protections for Homeowners
-- August 13, 2013

Governor Malloy on Final Passage of Homeowner's Protection Bill
-- June 3, 2013

Attorney General: Connecticut Homeowners Continue To Benefit from National Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement
-- May 21, 2013

State Securities Examiners Recognized by the U.S. Attorney's office
-- April 23, 2013

State Officials Announce Upcoming Mortgage Assistance Event
-- April 8, 2013

April 17th Free Homeowners Mortgage Assistance Event
-- March 15, 2013

Department of Banking Offers Online Financial Education Program to Connecticut Businesses
-- March 7, 2013

Governor Malloy:  Homeowner Protection Act Holds Banks Accountable and Streamlines Process
for Addressing Abandoned Properties 
-- January 30, 2013


State Banking Commissioner Urges Online Consumers to be Careful While Shopping During the Holiday Season
-- December 6, 2012

Attorney General Encouraged By Reports Showing Connecticut Homeowners Receiving Mortgage Relief
-- November 19, 2012

State Officials Offer Help to Distressed Homeowners
-- November 19, 2012

Monday: News Conference About Mortgage Assistance Event
-- November 16, 2012

November 28th Homeowners Mortgage Assistance Event at the Conference Center at CoCo Key, Waterbury
-- November 9, 2012

Attorney General, Banking Commissioner Alert Consumers To Debt Collection Scams
-- October 24, 2012

Attorney General, Banking Commissioner Issue Public Service Announcements to Help Distressed Homeowners
-- October 9, 2012

Attorney General, Banking Commissioner: Federal Payday Lending Bill Would Harm State Efforts to Protect Consumers
-- October 5, 2012

Attorney General Says Payments May be Available To Many Connecticut Borrowers Who Lost Homes to Foreclosure
-- September 24, 2012

Attorney General:  National Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Providing Relief to Connecticut Borrowers
-- August 29, 2012

Banking Commissioner Announces Settlement with Bankers Life and Casualty Company and BLC Financial Services, Inc.
-- July 18, 2012

Mortgage Assistance Event Announced by Attorney General, U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney and Banking Commissioner
-- July 2, 2012

State Banking Commissioner Urges Citizens to be Aware of Phantom Debt Collector Scam
-- June 20, 2012

July 10th Free Homeowners Mortgage Assistance Event
-- June 1, 2012

Governor Malloy, Attorney General Jepsen Announce Allocation of Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Funds
-- May 21, 2012

Attorney General Announces National Mortgage Settlement Agreement Finalized
-- April 9, 2012

State Officials Offer Help to Distressed Homeowners
-- March 26, 2012

Homeowners Mortgage Assistance Event - Bridgeport
Media Advisory
-- March 26, 2012

Department of Banking Encourages Saving and Smart Investing
-- February 23, 2012

"Save The Date" March 29th Homeowners Mortgage Assistance Event at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport
-- February 15, 2012

Attorney General Announces $25 Billion Joint Federal-Multistate Settlement on Mortgage Foreclosure Servicing Wrongs
-- February 9, 2012

Mortgage Review Assistance Available Jan. 19-21 for Bank of America Customers
-- January 10, 2012


Mortgage Servicing Workshop Dec. 20 for Wells Fargo and Wachovia Customers
-- December 12, 2011

State Banking Commissioner Urges Online Consumers to Be Alert While Shopping During the Holiday Season
-- December 6, 2011

Mortgage Loan Borrowers Encouraged to Participate in Federal Foreclosure Review and Claims Process
-- December 5, 2011

State Officials Offer Help to Distressed Homeowners
-- November 10, 2011

Governor Malloy Urges All Financial Institutions to Waive Late Fees Resulting from Customers' Inability to do Business Due to Impact of Storm
-- November 3, 2011

Banking Commissioner Appoints New Director of the Consumer Credit Division
-- October 31, 2011

Homeowners Mortgage Assistance Event
-- October 12, 2011

Banking Commissioner Appoints New Director of Securities Division
-- October 4, 2011

Connecticut Department of Banking Responds to Dodd-Frank Provisions with New Guidelines for Investment Advisers
-- July 13, 2011

Departments of Banking, Consumer Protection Advise Debt Negotiators Against Gaining Proceeds from Real Estate Transactions
-- May 10, 2011

State Banking Commissioner Approves Merger of First Niagara and NewAlliance Bank
-- April 6, 2011

Department of Banking Reminds Consumers to Find Ways to Save During America Saves Week
-- February 23,  2011

State Banking Commissioner Calls for Public Hearing Related to Bank Merger
-- February 16, 2011

Banking Commissioner Appointed to National Board of State Credit Union Supervisors
-- February 3, 2011

Connecticut Securities Division Helps Prospective Entrepreneurs Evaluate Franchise Opportunities
-- January 31, 2011


State Banking Commissioner Reminds On-Line Consumers to be Cautious While Shopping During The Holiday Season
-- December 17, 2010

State Banking Commissioner Pitkin Issues Temporary Order to Cease and Desist Against JHASS GROUP, L.L.C. A/K/A J. HASS GROUP, LLC
-- November 10, 2010

Attorney General, Banking Department Sue Investment Firm That Earned More Than $26 Million By Fraudulently Overvaluing Assets
-- October 25, 2010

National White Collar Crime Center Presents Member Agency Award of Excellence To Connecticut’s Department of Banking
-- October 5, 2010

22nd Annual Securities Forum to Spotlight Financial Services Reform
-- September 20, 2010

New Anti-Fraud Program Launched In Connecticut
-- September 14, 2010

AARP and DOB Monitor Free Lunch Investment Seminars
-- May 11, 2010

State Banking Department Announces Closing of South End Mutual Benefit Association
-- April 8, 2010

Governor Rell: Banking Department to Work with AG on Madoff-Related Probe
-- April 6, 2010

State Regulators Announce Settlement Agreement with CitiFinancial
-- March 24, 2010

Banking Commissioner Pitkin Announces Launch of “NMLS Consumer Access”
-- February 1, 2010


Governor Rell: Online Holiday Shoppers Must Guard Against Identity Theft
-- December 13, 2009

State Banking Commissioner Issues Alert Suspicious Phone Calls Have Been Reported Requesting Credit Card Information
-- December 9, 2009

Department of Banking to Host 21st Annual Securities Forum in New Haven
-- September 30, 2009

State Banking Commissioner Howard F. Pitkin Announces Schedule of Fees for Debt Negotiators Under New Public Act
--September 28, 2009

State Banking Commissioner Howard F. Pitkin Issues Order Against Worldwide Financial Resources, Inc.
--September 17, 2009

State Banking Commissioner Pitkin Issues Cease and Desist Order Against Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corporation
-- August 12, 2009

Governor Rell: New Laws Expand Mortgage Help For Connecticut Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
-- August 5, 2009

U.S. Attorney and FBI Announce Creation of Connecticut Mortgage Fraud Task Force
-- July 31, 2009

Governor Rell: Credit Union Student Loans Have Backing of Bonding Agency Under New Law
-- July 23, 2009

Governor Rell Signs Trio of Bills to Help Connecticut Families Struggling with Mortgages
-- July 10, 2009

Governor Rell Signs Bill Regulating Credit Card Marketing to College Students
-- July 8, 2009

Department of Consumer Protection and Department of Banking Announce Settlement with Bank of New York Mellon for 2008 Data Breach
-- February 3, 2009


State Banking Commissioner Announces Reorganization of Agency Legal Division
-- December 8, 2008

State Banking Department Announces Closing of West Hartford Credit Union
-- December 5, 2008

Governor Rell and Banking Commissioner Pitkin Advise On-Line Consumers to be Extra Diligent
-- December 4, 2008

Governor Rell Announces Plan to Protect Homeowners, Renters Amid Foreclosure Crisis
-- November 20, 2008

Governor Rell Announces New College Student Loan Program with State Credit Unions
-- November 18, 2008

Governor Rell:  Legislation to Target Deceptive Debt Relief
-- November 14, 2008

Renowned Economics Author to Deliver Keynote Address at 2008 Securities Forum
-- October 14, 2008

Governor Rell Announces Upcoming Financial Workshops: Statewide Forums Aimed at Addressing Concerns Over Investments, Scams
-- October 10, 2008

Governor Rell Announces Five-Point Plan to Maintain Free Flow of Credit
to Connecticut Businesses

-- October 9, 2008

Governor Rell, Banking Commissioner Assure Investors of Securities Safeguards
-- October 7, 2008

Governor Rell Announces Hotlines to Report Investment, Insurance Fraud
-- October 6, 2008

Department of Banking to Host 20th Annual Securities Forum
-- September 30, 2008

AARP and Connecticut Department of Banking Host Fraud Protection Seminar for Seniors
-- September 18, 2008

Connecticut Banking Commissioner Howard Pitkin Issues Order to Cease and Desist Against Cornerstone Credit Corporation
-- August 6, 2008

State Sues Countrywide for Allegedly Deceptive Loans and Loan Renegotiations, Unjustified Legal Fees
-- August 6, 2008

Governor Rell: Programs Now Available to Help Subprime Borrowers
-- July 1, 2008

Governor Rell's Sub-Prime Mortgage Task Force Provides Update
on Activities, Industry Situation

-- June 27, 2008

Governor Rell Signs Landmark Subprime Mortgage Assistance Bill
-- June 18, 2008

Department of Banking to Participate in the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System on July 1, 2008
-- June 4, 2008

Governor Rell Warns Consumers of Foreclosure Rescue Scams
--March 6, 2008

DOB and AARP CT Announce Consumer Protection and Financial Security Go Hand in Hand
-- March 6, 2008

Governor Rell Announces Plan to Help More Homeowners through the CT FAMLIES Program
-- February 29, 2008

Connecticut Department of Banking Receives National Reaccreditation
-- February 26, 2008


Governor Rell Lauds $100 Million “Mortgage Relief Fund” to Assist Subprime Borrowers

Governor Rell and Banking Commissioner Pitkin Remind Holiday Shoppers to be Cautious While Shopping On-LineGovernor Rell Unveils $50 Million "CT FAMLIES" Refinancing Program
to Assist Subprime Borrowers

State Securities Director Receives Distinguished Managerial Service Award

Governor Rell Receives Progress Update from Sub-Prime Mortgage Task Force

Department of Banking Announces Securities Forum 2007

Blumenthal Sues Brokers, Realtors and Others on behalf of the Departments of Banking and Consumer Protection for Vast Predatory Lending Scheme

Governor Rell Announces Mortgage Foreclosure Assistance Hotline

Governor Rell and Banking Commissioner Pitkin Force Bogus Credit Offer Web Sites to be Taken Off-Line

Connecticut Banking Commissioner Temporary Order to Cease and Desist to American Home Mortgage

Connecticut Department of Banking Adopts Statement on Subprime Mortgage Lending

Banking Commissioner Announces Joint Efforts to Enforce Against Improper Lending Kickbacks

Press Advisory - Open Meeting of the Governor's Task Force on Sub-Prime Lending

AARP, Connecticut Department of Banking and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Host Safe Investing Seminar for Seniors

State Departments of Banking and Consumer Protection Remind Homebuyers of Mortgage Company Pitfalls

Governor Rell and Banking Commissioner Pitkin Announce Settlement with Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.

Governor Rell Convenes Sub-Prime Mortgage Task Force

Banking Commissioner Issues Cease and Desist Order Against New Century Mortgage Corporation and Its Affiliate

Banking Commissioner Howard Pitkin Announces Settlement With Royal Alliance Associates, Inc.

Banking Commissioner Issues a Summary Suspension Order to Mortgage Lenders Network

Governor Rell Formally Nominates Alan Cicchetti of West Hartford as Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Banking

Governor Rell Formally Nominates Howard Pitkin as Commissioner of the Department of Banking

Commissioner Pitkin Issues a Temporary Order to Cease and Desist To Mortgage Lenders Network


Banking Commissioner Bars Florida Company From Offering Business Opportunities in Connecticut for Five Years

Commissioner Pitkin Reminds Holiday Shoppers to Protect Their Personal Information While Shopping On-Line

Department of Banking Issues Supervisory Guidance on Nontraditional Mortgage Products

Governor Rell Announces Commissioner Change at Department of Banking

Antiques Dealer Sentenced to Prison for Larceny, Securities Violations

State Securities Event Spotlights Hedge Funds

Banking Commissioner and Attorney General Seek Injunction, $100,000 Fines Against Law Firm and Owner For Debt Collection Without a License

Antiques Dealer Convicted of Larceny, Securities Counts

Governor Rell Welcomes RBS Greenwich Capital Expansion in Stamford; 1,150 New Jobs Expected

Governor Rell Announces Upcoming Identity Theft Prevention Seminars

Banking Commissioner, Attorney General, DCP Announce $750,000 Settlement in Waterbury Home Purchase Scam

Governor Rell, Banking Department and Connecticut Housing Finance Authority Announce the Return of Urban Housing Assistance Program

The Attorney General, the Banking Commissioner and the Commissioner of Consumer Protection Announce that Ameriquest Will Pay $325 Million for Predatory Lending

Department of Banking to Receive $5.5 Million in Settlement With UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Department of Banking and People's Bank Work Together to Notify Customers of  Lost Tape Containing Confidential Information


Connecticut Bank Uncovers Fraudulent Check Scheme

Commissioner Burke Reminds On-Line Consumers to be Cautious While Shopping During the Holiday Season

Savings Institute Bank & Trust Selected to Acquire Remaining Assets of the Circle Trust Company

MG Colorado Holdings, Inc. to Acquire Certain Assets of Circle Trust Company

Public Education Campaign To Prevent Predatory Lending Launched (link to Freddie Mac)

Department of Banking Sponsors Securities Forum 2005

Circle Trust Company Appoints Independent Fiduciary

Connecticut Superior Court Places Circle Trust Company Into Regulatory Receivership

Governor Rell Seeking Additional Safeguards Against Identity Theft

Press Advisory for Securities Forum 2005

Governor Rell and Commissioner Burke Announce Free Annual Credit Report

Lottery Scam Alert Issued to Connecticut Consumers

Commissioner Burke Warns Users of E-mail Scam

Banking Commissioner Announces Settlement With Ameriquest Mortgage Company

Banking Commissioner Alerts Consumers of Fraudulent E-mails Targeting People's Bank Customers 

Connecticut Earns NASCUS Re-accreditation 

Federal Credit Union Closes Its Doors

Department of Banking and SEC Announce Enforcement Actions Against David M. Faubert

North Fork Bank to Refund, Forgive $106,000 in Illegal Mortgage Fees

Commissioner Burke Names "Top 10" Threats to Investors

Governor Rell Announces $3.5 Million Settlement with Merrill Lynch

Banking Commissioner, Attorney General, DCP Sue Torrington Builder, Realtor, Mortgage Firm for Lending Scam 

Banking Commissioner Warns Of E-mail Scam Targeting Banknorth Customers

Darien Man Charged with Defrauding Investors in Pay Phone Scheme


Banking Commissioner Warns About Fraudulent Holiday Season E-Mails

U.S. Mint Warns About Misleading Ads for "Freedom Towers" Coin

Banking Commissioner Announces State to Receive $354,243 in Settlement with Deutsche Bank Securities and Thomas Weisel Partners

Banking Commissioner Issues Online Fraud Advisory

Banking Commissioner Takes Part in Strategic Planning Session

Stamford Man Ordered to Pay $302,000 in Restitution for Securities Violations

Commissioner Orders New London Convenience Store Owner to Cease Issuing Money Orders

Commissioner Suspends License of CashPoint Network Services, Inc.

Commissioner Attends Bank Supervisors' Meeting in Washington

Banking Commissioner Imposes $100,000 Fine Upon American Express Financial Advisors

"Free" Checks in Mail may have Costs

Manchester Man Arrested on Securities Counts

Opinion Article on New Federal Rules Preempting States

Commissioner Announces "Top 5" Investment Scams

Commissioner Approves New Haven Savings Bank Conversion

FDIC Warns Consumers About Fraudulent E-Mail 


Investors Warned About Fraudulent Business Opportunities

Banking Commissioner Warns About Emails Requesting Personal Information

Fairfield County Man Sentenced to Prison, Restitution for Securities Violations

Former Greenwich Stockbroker Jailed in Million Dollar Fraud Case

Firms Fined for Failing to Maintain Analyst Independence

Archived News Releases, 1994-2002