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DOCKET NO. CF-2008-844-B

The undersigned hereby certifies, on behalf of the Banking Commissioner ("Commissioner"), that:

On August 15, 2008, the Commissioner issued an Order to Cease and Desist (“Order”), Notice of Intent to Fine and Notice of Right to Hearing against Vision Travel, Inc. a/k/a Global Vision Travel (“Respondent”) (collectively “Notice”), which Notice is attached hereto and incorporated by reference herein;
The Order provided that it would remain in effect and become permanent against Respondent if a hearing was not requested within 14 days of its receipt;
On August 18, 2008, the Notice was sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to Respondent and its counsel;
On August 22 and August 27, 2008, Respondent’s counsel received the Notice;
On August 28, 2008, the Notice sent to Respondent was returned to the Department of Banking marked “Returned to Sender – Moved, Left no Address”;
On September 4, 2008, the Notice was served on the Commissioner, and on September 8, 2008, in accordance with Section 36b-62(c) of the Connecticut General Statutes, Notice of Service on the Banking Commissioner, dated September 8, 2008 (“Notice of Service”), was sent by registered mail, return receipt requested, to Respondent;
Respondent has failed to request a hearing on the matters set forth in the Order within 14 days of the date of the Notice of Service; and
8. On September 23, 2008, the Order issued against Respondent became permanent.
                                  HOWARD F. PITKIN
                                  BANKING COMMISSIONER

Dated at Hartford, Connecticut
this 6th day of October 2008.             By: _________/s/___________
                                                          Jesse B. Silverman
                                                          Administrative Attorney

Administrative Orders and Settlements