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CT Dept of Ag Hemp Grower or Processor Application and Licensing

Supporting documents for the application for a 

license, sample forms and information.


On-Line Application



Consent to Criminal History Records Check Consent to criminal history records check with SPB letter 06 17 2020 

Consent to Grow or Process Hemp on Leased Property Consent to grow process hemp on private land 7 25 2019

Destruction Report Destruction report 6 26 2019 

Grow Site(s), Storage location(s) Grow site modification request 7 25 2019        

Harvest Report Harvest report 6 26 2019

Indoor Planting Report Indoor planting report 6 26 2019

On-Site Manager or Signing Authority Modification Request On site manager signing authority modification request 6 3 2019

Outdoor Planting Report Field planting report 6 26 2019

Post-Harvest Report Post-harvest report 6 26 2019 

Sample Legal Description Sample legal description 5 24 2019

Seed Modification Requests Seed modification request 7 25 2019



 Guidance and Instruction Documents

Choosing a Laboratory Choosing a laboratory

Hemp THC Testing Guidance Hemp THC Testing Guidance 8 28 2019

Sample Lab Report Sample lab report 8 27 2019

Compliance Policy Compliance policy 5 14 2019

Connecticut Hemp Public Act 19-3 Public act 19-3

Due Dates for Reports Due date overview updated 5 14 2019

Federal 2018 Farm Bill Hemp - 2018 farm bill

Fee Schedule Fee schedule 5 14 2019

Grower Application Checklist Grower application checklist 5 14 2019

Hemp Pre-Harvest Sampling Presentation Hemp pre harvest sampling presentation 6 26 2019

Hemp Program FAQ Hemp program FAQ 5 14 2019  

Hemp Sample Chain of Custody Form Hemp sample chain of custody 8 16 2019

Instructions for Creating Plot Maps Instructions for creating maps 5 14 2019

Labeling Hemp Marketing of Hemp and Labeling 9 26 2019

Pesticide Use Guide DEEP Hemp Marijuana Pesticide Guidance

Pesticides Allowed Pesticides allowed for use in cannabis production 9 12 2019

Pre-Harvest Hemp Sampling Procedures Pre-harvest hemp sampling procedures 8 16 2019  

Processor Application Checklist Processor application checklist 5 14 2019

Properly Labeled Hemp Seed in Connecticut Properly Labeled Hemp Seed in CT 7 31 2019

Sample Hemp Research Plan Sample hemp research plan

Sample Hemp Marketing Plan Sample hemp marketing plan

Sample Legal Description Sample legal description 5 24 2019

Seed Sources Certified seed sources 5 2019 (Note: This is not an exhaustive list nor is it an endorsement of any organization.)

Transporting Hemp or Hemp Samples Transporting hemp in Connecticut.

Voluntary Destruction Methods Voluntary destruction methods 5 14 2019


All documents as a zip file  All Hemp program documents as of June 17