Revitalization Plans
The Hartford Regional Market has served as a central distribution facility for Connecticut farmers and wholesalers of food and other agricultural products since the early 1950s.  The Market’s 32-acre facility and central location has tremendous revitalization potential, however major capital investment is needed, to modernize this 65-year-old facility addressing current and evolving food safety and operational requirements.

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture has teamed with the Department of Construction Services to develop a master plan to ensure the revitalization investment is made wisely and with a guiding strategy that will serve the community and region for decades to come.  After a national search of qualified master plan developers, the agencies hired Market Ventures, Inc. to develop a plan tailored to the facility’s unique characteristics and the needs of all those it serves.

Below is the final report of the first phase of that master plan.  Additional reports will be published as they are completed. All documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat format.

Hartford Regional Market Master Plan: Phase 1 Final Report (Appendix A included)

      Appendix B: Site Analysis   

      Appendix C: Traffic Analysis    

     Appendix D: Customer Intercept Survey    

      Appendix E: Consumer Web-Based Survey

     Appendix F: Trade Area Analysis    

     Appendix G: Agriculture Anlysis    

     Appendix H: Best Practices