Connecticut Grown Logo Identity Standards
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Identity standards provide best practices, guidelines, and templates to make it easy for anyone affiliated with Connecticut Grown to support and strengthen the overall brand. The Connecticut Grown identity standards will help us all work together to present a unified image, reinforce our purpose, and distinguish ourselves from other state organizations. By adhering to these guidelines, we will strengthen the Connecticut Grown brand and better
tell our story.

These identity standards provide guidelines for logo usage, fonts, colors, layouts, and more. The standards outlined in this guide apply to all materials produced using the Connecticut Grown logo. The logo can be used by anyone to identify or promote Connecticut farm products.
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Download the Connecticut Grown Identity Standards
Connecticut Grown Logo Options
Please review the Connecticut Grown Identity Standards to understand which logo option should be used based on where and how the logo will be utilized.  All files below are provided as .jpg.  Other resolutions and formats are available by calling 860-713-2503.
Connecticut Grown Logo: vertical with website url    ct grown logo 4 color url
Connecticut Grown Logo: horizontal with website url
CT Grown logo horo 4c with url
       4 Color .jpg       
       Grayscale .jpg
Templates and Communication Collateral
Six templates have been created to allow producers of Connecticut Grown products to customize promotional materials that take the Connecticut Grown logo, color palette, and typography into consideration.  The available samples can be found in the above Identity Standards.  All templates below are provided in InDesign. 
      6'x2' Banner:  6x2  
      Rack Card:     rack  
      Web Banners: web  
For questions on using the logo or other formats available, please contact the Bureau of Agricultural Development and Resource Preservation at 860-713-2503, or visit the Connecticut Grown Program page.