Fur Breeders License

Fur Breeder's Application Form 

Sec. 22-12b. (Formerly Sec. 26-41). Licensing of fur breeders. Disease control. The breeding and raising in captivity of foxes, mink, chinchilla, marten, fisher, nutria and muskrat, and the marketing of such animals, shall be classified as farming and as an agricultural pursuit and all such animals so raised in captivity, or lawfully acquired, shall be classified as domestic animals. No person shall possess two or more such animals of opposite sex without first obtaining a fur breeder's license from the Department of Agriculture. The fee for such license shall be sixteen dollars. Such license shall be annual and nontransferable and shall expire on the thirty-first day of December after its issuance. All applications for such licenses shall be upon blanks prepared and furnished by the Commissioner of Agriculture. All license fees received by the commissioner under the provisions of this section shall be transmitted to the State Treasurer and by him be applied to the General Fund. All licensees shall keep a record of all such animals exchanged or transported by such licensees, whether the same are alive or dead, and shall report to the commissioner at the expiration of the license period, on forms furnished by the commissioner, the number of animals possessed at the beginning of the license period, those disposed of during such period and the number of animals on hand at the close of the period. For purposes of disease control, the commissioner at his discretion may require special import or export permits for any specified period. Said commissioner, in the interest of protecting game or domestic animals from disease, may confiscate animals possessed by licensees referred to herein, and may quarantine the same, and may destroy such animals when, in his opinion, such action is advisable. Any license granted under the provisions of this section may be revoked by the commissioner for a violation of any regulation made by him or a violation of any provision of this section. Any person who violates any provision of this section shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days or both.

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