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The traditional Farmland Preservation Program (FPP) is the primary preservation program administered by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. Typically it is a good fit for preserving larger (>30 acres) farms that have a significant quantity of cropland and prime and important soils as defined by the United State Department of Agriculture.


How the Program Works:

  1. Landowners may apply to the program voluntarily.
  2. A notice of application is filed with the town clerk of the town where the farm is located.
  3. The application is evaluated according to state regulation criteria. If the farm meets minimum scoring criteria, the Commissioner may accept the application. 
  4. Configuration of the application and specifics of the easement are negotiated and agreed to by the land owner and Commissioner of Agriculture. 
  5. The farm is appraised for the unrestricted market value and the market agricultural value, the difference between the two indicating the value of the development rights. 
  6. The appraisals are reviewed by the Commissioner who may negotiate anywhere from a gift of, to the full value of the development rights.
  7. An agreement letter is presented from the Commissioner to the land owner representing the agreed upon price. The letter is reviewed and approved by the Attorney General.
  8. A detailed report is submitted to the State Properties Review Board for review and approval. 
  9. Funds are requested for the acquisition, including funds for an A-2 survey, title insurance, and title search, from the State Bond Commission, Chaired by the Governor. 
  10. Upon Bond Commission approval, the state obtains an A-2 survey and title search of the property. Upon completion, the conveyance of development rights deed is executed and a check for the development rights acquisition processed. After all the documents are approved by the Attorney General, a closing is held and the documents and maps are recorded in the local land records and with the deed with the Secretary of State.



Farmland Preservation Program (FPP): Farmland Preservation Program Application  - .pdf, 4 pgs.


For more information contact:

Farmland Preservation Program

Connecticut Dept. of Agriculture

450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 703

Hartford CT 06103

Phone:  860.713.2511