CT Seafood-CT Chefs Workshop
The first annual CT Seafood – CT Chefs Workshop, held October 4, 2006, was a tremendous success.  Thank you to all who participated. 

Great thanks also to everyone who took the time and effort to complete the feedback surveys at the end of the event.  Your comments are extremely valuable and will help us make our next event even better!  We are already in the early planning stages of another event next spring, probably in May. 

Based on your feedback, we hope to incorporate your excellent suggestions, such as these:

 * Schedule the event for a Monday, when more chefs are available to attend.
 * Incorporate other CT Grown products, such as meat and dairy.
 * Have attendees introduce themselves to the group at the beginning.
 * Have drinking water readily available.
 * Distribute the agenda in advance.

As we go forward, we will seek to improve distribution of CT Seafood and other CT Grown products so that you can more easily obtain and utilize them.

Attached are photos (and recipes!) from the October 4th event, as well as the CT Seafood wholesale list that was distributed at the workshop.  If you would like any individual photos in JPEG format, please call me at 860-713-2558 and I'll be happy to email them to you.
CT Grown Milk
The Farmers Cow now offers its Fresh CT Milk in 5-gallon bladder jugs!  Check The Farmers Cow websiteor call (toll-free) 866-355-2697 for more information.
CT Grown Marketing Assistance
The CT Department of Agriculture has matching funds available to assist you in promoting CT Grown in your restaurant or facility.  If you currently use - or would like to use - the CT Grown logo in your signage, menus, advertising, etc. to promote your use of CT Grown products, we would love to help you!  Please contact me at 860-713-2558 for a grant application or for more information about the program.
CT Department of Agriculture Mascots
The CT Department of Agriculture has four new Veggie Mascots:  Juicy Lucy Cucumber, Beta Carrot, Smiley Sprout, and The Colonel Corn.  These costumes, as well as our cow costume (yet to be named), are available to borrow for special events and other agricultural-related promotions.  For more information, please contact me at 860-713-2558.