2023 Industry Meeting Presentations

Presentations can be reviewed and downloaded by clicking each title, and the presenter's email address is linked by clicking on their name.

  1. Understanding your Shellstock Shipper I License and the license requirements - Alissa Dragan
  2. VMS requirements - ALL harvesters are required to have a working VMS unit on each vessel. Action will be taken against any company that continuously has a unit that is not reporting.
  3. Recalls - outlining firms' responsibilities - Jenifer Yeadon
  4. Bulk tagging/intermediate processing - Jenifer Yeadon
  5. Cooler Study - Jenifer Yeadon
  6. Landings - Reporting landings is a license requirement. This presentation reviews how to set up an account to report your monthly landings. - Matthew Bartell
  7. ISSC Updates - operational plans for seed and aquaculture producers - Alissa Dragan
  8. Oyster restoration research project
  9. NOAA infrastructure funding and working on the Bridgeport Natural Bed

2022 Industry Meeting Presentations

  1. New inspection requirements, including company training documents, intermittent and bulk tagging requirements, new requirements for new tag orders - Jenifer Yeadon
  2. Hard clam survey results - Tessa Getchis
  3. Bridgeport/Stratford Natural Bed Oyster Restoration Work (Funded by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture and SeaGrant) - David Carey
  4. Electronic tags
  5. Update on shellfish disease surveillance, harmful algal bloom monitoring program, and Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus - Emily Marquis
  6. European Union update - Alissa Dragan