Farm Viability Grant


The Farm Viability Grant provides matching funds to Connecticut municipalities, groups of municipalities, regional councils of governments, and/or agricultural non-profit organizations for projects that directly impact and/or foster agricultural viability. 

All projects funded by the Farm Viability Grant must advance farming and agriculture as defined by Connecticut General Statutes Section 1-1(q). 

Funding for the Farm Viability Grant is provided through the State of Connecticut Agricultural Viability Grant Program, established in 2005 through Public Act 05-228, An Act Concerning Farmland Preservation, Land Protection, Affordable Housing, and Historic Preservation.  

The Farm Viability Grant Program and any awards are subject to limitations of state funding. The amount awarded to any applicant through the Farm Viability Grant shall not exceed $49,999.

The 2023 Farm Viability Guidance document was updated on April 19, 2023. Please view the most up to date version of the guidance below.


View the 2023 Guidance

A virtual workshop was hosted on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, for interested applicants to learn more about the grant program, application requirements, and submission process. The workshop recording can be viewed below. The presentation slides are also available below.


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