Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) Overview

Please be sure to utilize all of your S/FMNP benefits by November 30, 2023. These funds will not roll over to 2024.

If you need assistance with your SoliSystems app or card, please contact the SoliSystems Helpline at (214) 256-3083.

If a participant would like to check their card balance please visit: 

Instead of checks, participants will now be using an app for WIC participants and a card for seniors and disabled participants to purchase eligible products from farmers. Farmers will be conducting sales via an app that processes payments and directly deposits sales into their selected bank account. To learn more about the process please view the SoliMarket Register section.

Connecticut has over 100 farmers’ markets and can be found in virtually any town, seven days a week.  The popularity of the markets mirrors the benefits of fresh, local products, friendly farmers that are the face behind the food you’re buying, and a community gathering place for everyone to enjoy. 

Eligible participants include women enrolled in Women, Infants, and Child (WIC) through the Department of Public Health, as well as seniors over the age of 60 and disabled individuals who meet income and housing guidelines.

Each season participants are issued benefits from senior distribution sites or WIC offices to redeem at authorized Connecticut-grown farmers markets across the state to purchase fresh, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, eggs (state funds only), and honey (seniors only). The program runs from July 1 to November 30 annually.

Looking for more information on:

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) FMNP
Navigate to the WIC and Senior tab to the left. There you'll find distribution information, participant information, and information from the Department of Public Health. Eligible participants can use their funds to purchase fresh, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, and eggs (state funds only).

Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Programs (SFMNP)
SFMNP serves participants of seniors 60 years of age or older OR disabled individuals and meets income eligibility guidelines by providing electronic benefit cards to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, cut herbs, eggs (state funds only) and honey (seniors only) at authorized locations throughout Connecticut. Find the nearest distribution site visit the WIC and Seniors tab to the left.

Authorized Redemption Locations
The authorized locations tab to the left includes information on authorized senior distribution sites, certified farmers markets, and certified farm stands. This page includes a map of all authorized locations for easy shopping.

Visit the farmers tab to view important information about being a certified FMNP farmer. This page includes the Farmers Market Reference Guide, crop plans, information about e-License, training resources for SoliMarket Register, and more.