DMHAS Deaf/Deaf-Blind/Hard of Hearing Program and Services (DHOH)

Marlene Jacques, RN, MSN, MPH, LMSW, Director
860-418-6974 (Voice)
860-418-6780 (Fax)

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DHOH Mission: The mission of the Deaf/Deafblind/Hard of Hearing services is to ensure effective communication and equity in services. All persons/or companions who are Deaf, Deafblind, or Hard of Hearing in DMHAS services will have equal access to culturally and linguistically affirmative mental health and substance use services.

DHOH Vision: DMHAS state-operated DHOH programs and services to provide for appropriate culturally and linguistically affirmative mental health and substance use services to persons/or companions who are deaf/deafblind/hard of hearing in their services. Such initiative will enable each deaf or hard of hearing individual to receive direct mental health or substance use services by an appropriate qualified staff member fluent in the language or communication mode that the individual is most comfortable with. 

Organizational Structure:  The DMHAS Deaf/Deaf-Blind/Hard of Hearing (DHOH) Program/Services is located under the Office of Multicultural Health Equity (OMHE). Each DMHAS state-operated facility has a designated DHOH Program Director/Clinician/Manager/or staff interpreter to coordinate DHOH services. In the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Social Services Program Administration Manager has the responsibility for managing all DMHAS state-operated facilities DHOH Programs and Services.


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Location & Contact Information for DMHAS DHOH Programs & Services

Accessing Services:  DMHAS Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHOH) Services are available through all DMHAS Regional state-operated facilities. Each DMHAS state-operated facility has designated a contact person who is trained and educated on addressing the communication needs of persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

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Recovery Initiatives

DMHAS offers vocational/employment services through an employment systems manager to assist individuals who are Deaf, Deafblind, or Hard of hearing in finding employment. 

DMHAS Statewide Vocational Rehabilitation Services / Office of the Commissioner

Ellen Econs, MHSA, LCSW
Employment Systems Manager
860-418-6770 (Voice)
860-308-4523 (Mobile)

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