Emergency Services



In August of 2018, Connecticut launched the Statewide Text-to-911 capability as part of the state’s next generation 9-1-1. 

Text-to-911 is now available in Connecticut. Individuals who are Deaf/Deaf-Blind/Hard of Hearing or have a speech disability and are in need of emergency services may now text their emergency situations to 9-1-1.

For more information on Text-to-911 go to https://www.text911ct.org/.

A black smartphone with a yellow screen. Black text reads "Call 911 If You Can. Text If You Can't."

Mental Health Hotline for Individuals who are Deaf/Deaf-Blind/Hard of Hearing

There is a HOTLINE for Deaf/Deaf-Blind/Hard of Hearing individuals who need mental health assistance by using text:

  • Text the word "Deaf" to 741-741 (the Crisis Text Line – crisistextline.org)
  • Wait for a response.




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