DMHAS Supported Education Services
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What’s Happening?
Supported Education Services are integral to the DMHAS’ goal of offering a recovery-oriented system of care for persons in recovery who experience behavioral health conditions.  Individuals with behavioral health conditions consistently express their desire for furthering their education.  One of the first significant steps to be taken in this direction is to ensure that all DMHAS consumers have both the necessary opportunities and supports to pursue educational opportunities of their choice.  From the recovery perspective, meaningful education as well as employment has been shown to promote recovery from psychiatric and addiction disorders and to facilitate improvements in diverse domains from symptom relief to successful community integration. 
Education and skills training are highly valued by persons in recovery as opportunities to build confidence and motivation.  Education leads to greater career options and can offer a viable route out of poverty.  Because persons in recovery are capable of acquiring new skills with the proper supports DMHAS has funded five regional supported education providers with an expertise in supported education. These agencies are facilitating local linkages with educational institutions to increase access and on-campus supports.  They are also assisting other DMHAS providers to develop the capacity to assist consumers in such areas as financial aid and the college application process, tutoring, accessing resources on the college campus, and educational accommodations.
While education strategies must be tailored to meet individual needs, agencies generally offer a range of services including career planning, job search assistance, job placement, on- and off-the-job coaching, career advancement services and supported education. 
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