How A Bill Becomes A Law - DMHAS Style!

Step One STEP #1
DMHAS employee gets an idea and decides to include it in the legislative survey at work that day.
Step 2
DMHAS Legislative Program Manager reviews all suggestions, researches them and prepares justifications so Executive Committee can consider the ideas.  
Step Three STEP #3
DMHAS Executive Committee reviews and considers the suggestions, selects the agency's proposed legislative agenda, and forwards it to OPM for approval.  
Step Four STEP #4OPM and the Governor's Office reviews each agency's proposed agenda and selects the items to be included in the agency's legislative package for the year.  Approvals are forwarded to the respective state agencies.  
Step Five STEP #5
DMHAS Legislative Program Manager brings the approved statutory changes to the relevant committees for consideration.  The legislative process takes place.  The state legislature may or may not enact new legislation based on the initial idea.  

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