Municipal Grant Program (MGP)

Grant Process

The MGP Grant Process is distinguished into pre-DESPP and DESPP categories. Prior to the DESPP administering the approved project, the project is approved by the Office of Policy and Management or the Connecticut General Assembly. If the project is related to public safety, emergency management or telecommunications the project may be assigned to DESPP for administration. This  process is dependent on the type of funding used for the project as a result the steps in this process may vary.

1. Pre-DESPP

  • Funding is approved by the Connecticut General Assembly or the Office of Policy and Management.
  • State bond funds are awarded by the State Bond Commission to the approved project.
  • Project is assigned to DESPP
  • Grantee is notified of project approval


  • DESPP is notified that funding has been assigned and contacts grantee.
  • Agency application process begins to establish administrative plan, points of contact and budget.
  • Application approved by DESPP
  • MOU Contract approval by grantee, administering agency and the Attorney General.
  • Period of performance and monitoring begin after contract execution.
  • Reimbursment
  • Closeout