Conservation Advisory Council

The purpose of the Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) is:

  1. To enhance communication and the exchange of information among, and between Sportsmen and Conservation Organizations and the DEEP involving the management of natural resources;

  2. Identify and address issues that affect the user of outdoor recreation areas and natural resources; and

  3. Advise and assist the DEEP in matters involving the management of natural resources and outdoor activities.

The Council consists of Conservation and Outdoor Sports Organizations whose activities are enhanced, or affected by the Bureaus of Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation. Membership consists of not more than 25 "regular organizational members", not more than five "members at large" and not more than 10 "members emeritus" that are recommended by the sitting Council and appointed by the Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. "Members emeritus" are selected from past regular organizational delegates or past members at large.

The Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month (except in July and August) unless otherwise determined by the Council.

For further information, please contact Keith Cagle, CAC Chairman by e-mail or phone 203-395-8259.

Content last updated on April 10, 2019.