Connecticut's Wildlife Action Plan

Creating a vision for the future of wildlife conservation

Get Involved

Development of the initial Connecticut Wildlife Action Plan would not have been possible without input from many conservation organizations, scientists, and the public. Continued public involvement in the Plan during the 2015 revision helped shape the plan as it evolves and responds to new information and changing conditions.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Connecticut's Wildlife Action Plan will guide the future of wildlife conservation and associated funding in our state. By participating, you will expand networks and coalitions for conserving our wildlife resources.

A WIN:WIN APPROACH: This plan is not about more regulations, but all about positive ways to conserve wildlife and habitats. Millions of taxpayer dollars can be saved by conserving species before they become endangered; conflicts between development and wildlife can be prevented; taking care of our wildlife resources is an investment in outdoor recreation and nature tourism (the fastest growing segment of tourism); and we can pass on a healthy wildlife legacy to our children.

Content last updated on February 29, 2016.