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Errata Sheet for 2004 Connecticut Stormwater Quality Manual

Page # Location Published Incorrect Text Corrected Text
11-P1-5 Table 11-P1-1 under "Capacity" The minimum ration of pool volume to runoff volume... The minimum ration of pool volume to the WQV.....
2-10 End first column and going into second. Excess sodium in drinking water can lead to health problems in infants ("blue baby syndrome") and individuals on low sodium diets. Excess sodium in drinking water lead to health problems in individuals low sodium diets.
11-1 Within heading Primary Treatment Practices 11-P5  Water Quality 11-P5  Water Quality Swale
11-P3-8 Under heading Basin Dimension and Configurations V+WQV+(P)(Ab)

D=required basin storage volume
P=design water quality volume
t=design precipitation = 1 inch
Ab=basin surface area


V=required basin storage volume
WQV=Water Quality Volume
P=design water quality volume
Ab=basin surface area

B-1 Within Graph Q=(P-0.2S)2
Q=(P-0.2S)2 / P+0.8S
B-1 Within Graph (Formula Missing) S=(1000/CN) - 10


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