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Composting Institutional Food Scraps with Worms (Vermicomposting)
Photo Gallery

The following are photographs of the greenhouse construction and set-up of the worm bins.  Select the photograph for a larger image.

Breaking ground for greenhouse constructionBreaking Ground

Interior of greenhouseGreenhouse Interior
Greenhouse padGreenhouse Pad empty worm binEmpty Worm Bin

Greenhouse frameGreenhouse Frame

Worm bin filled with beddingWorm Bin Filled with Bedding

Greenhouse enclosedGreenhouse Enclosed

Several worm bins on pallet tracksSeveral Worm Bins on Pallet Racks
Scale for weighting food and thermometer for monitoring greenhouse temperature  Scale for Weighing Food Scraps and Thermometer for Monitoring Greenhouse Temperature Wig worm demonstration binThe "Wig Worm" Demonstration Bin

These photographs are of the official kick-off event with second graders from Spencer Elementary School.  Select the photograph for a larger image.

Students arrive at greenhouse siteStudents Arrive Students outside on a blanket listening to teacher at story time
Story Time "Diary of a Worm"
Students gathering in greenhouseGathering in Greenhouse Students screening compost Screening Compost
Students feeding the worms Feeding the Worms
Results of gardening activity in the greenhouseResults of Gardening Activity
students holding red wigglers worms in hand palmsRed Wigglers

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