Commercial and Institutional
Food Scrap Recycling Pilot Projects

Realizing that food scraps are highly recyclable and occupy a large portion of the waste stream, DEEP funded four food scrap recycling pilot projects that were initiated in 2002. All were chosen through an RFP (Request for Proposal) process and concentrated on recycling source separated organic materials (SSOM) from the commercial and institutional sectors.  In addition, DEEP Headquarters in Hartford initiated an on-site office food scrap composting program in 1997 that continues today. Project descriptions, photos, updates, and final reports are available for each project through the links below.  Questions or comments should be directed to the contact people who managed the projects, or to the DEEP Recycling Program at 860-424-3366.

Foodshare Chopper
Compost Bins
Food Scraps
Compost Collection Container Sign
at CT DEEP Headquarters

Content Last Updated February 11, 2020