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Lifeguard Program

State Park Lifeguards are going off-duty at our beaches as they head back to school. If you come to swim at our parks, please keep in mind the following tips to stay safe:

Water Safety Tips

Caring for Children

Caring for children is no small task, especially during an exciting day at the beach! Please keep a close and watchful eye on them, especially when they are in or near the water. The safest place for you to be is within an arm’s reach of them. Since lifeguards are not currently on duty, it is more important than ever to supervise your young ones.  It could save a life!


Caring for Yourself

We, at CT State Park Lifeguards, encourage you to go to the beach and have a fun time. We also want you to stay safe. Please know that alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all of our beaches. For all the same reasons it isn’t safe to drink and drive, you shouldn’t drink and swim.  Alcohol impairs judgment and coordination, and water can kill in minutes. In these times we ask you to be your own best-friend and know your limits. Be smart and swim sober. Additionally, we highly encourage you to stay hydrated and drink water.

Swim At Your Own Risk

While lifeguards are off duty you will be swimming at your own risk. Some things to consider when entering the water are:


Being aware of the height of the water could help keep you and a loved one safe. Low-Tide is the safest time to be in the water due to the ability to walk out farther and a weaker current. High-Tide is the most dangerous time to swim as the water is deep and the current is strong.


Awareness of the current strength is important for yourself and when keeping an eye on your children. The current will pull you away from the spot at which you entered the water without you even realizing it. This could cause you and a loved one to be separated.

Flotation Devices

We strongly encourage you to only use U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices, “life jackets.” Any other device has the potential to pop/flip/drift out to deep water and could cause drowning. Pool toys won’t save your life.

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Content last updated August 2020