Listed below are the CT State Parks where swimming is encouraged. These areas include calm inland ponds as well as the shores of Long Island Sound. When you come for a fun day splashing in the water, please follow the posted signs and general safety information:

  • Drink Responsibly
    Excessive alcohol consumption impairs judgment and reaction ability. Even prescription drugs may impair judgment.
  • Parents - Watch your Children
    It only takes seconds for a child to drown, and this can occur silently. Please ALWAYS watch your children; if you are more than an arm’s length away, you’re too far!
  • Be Aware of Underwater Hazards
    Natural swimming areas can have sudden drop-offs, inshore holes, large rocks or tree roots that can’t be easily seen from the surface. Diving and jumping into these waters can be hazardous. Please be careful of these unseen dangers.
  • Swim only in designated areas. If there are lifeguards on duty at the park, please comply with their instructions!
  • Take a Swimming Lesson
    Increasing your water safety knowledge and swimming skills can help save your life. People of all ages should consider signing up for a swimming class offered at your municipal parks & recreation department or your local YMCA branch.
  • Follow the Beach Rules:
    • No alcoholic beverages, glass, pets, or nudity.
    • No flotation devices, only approved lifejackets.
    • No snorkels.
    • No rough play.
    • No sand or rock throwing.
    • No "throw-catch" activities.
    • No soap or shampoo.
    • No fishing.
    • Keep the beach area around the lifeguard chair clear.
    • Swimmers must stay off buoys and lines.
    • Water and the beach will be cleared when lightning is visible or thunder is heard.

Special Access

  • Beach wheelchairs are available at several locations, call the park before arriving for additional details.


  • Water and Alcohol DON’T mix!  
  • Parents-watch your children!  
  • Be careful of underwater hazards, and don’t dive in.
  • Always swim in designated areas.


Connecticut Swimming Areas

+ Guarded beach
Content last updated June 2021