Release-Based Clean Up Program Regulation Development

Under a release-based system, Connecticut’s cleanup framework will be aligned with 48 other states and will maintain environmental protections important to the state’s public health, water, and natural resources.  Public Act No. 20-9 charges DEEP to work with the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), legislative leaders, and a variety of stakeholders to chart a new path for Connecticut’s cleanup programDEEP and DECD will co-chair a working group to receive advice and feedback for regulations to be adopted by DEEP following our guiding principles.  Stakeholder input will be critical to ensuring that the regulations are practical and can be implemented by property owners and practitioners. 

Working Group Meetings – meeting dates, Zoom links, agendas, and other materials

Topical Subcommittees – suggested topics and issues

Topical Subcommittee Meetings – meeting dates, Zoom links, agendas, and other materials

Stakeholder Engagement Advice and Recommendations – concept papers and requests for public comments will be posted on the stakeholder page  along with advice and feedback from the Working Group

Additional Issues for Review – A webpage listing issues raised by the Working Group that may require additional evaluation during the development and implementation of a Release-Based Clean-up Program.

Release-Based Working Group
The Commissioners of DECD and DEEP have co-convened a working group, in accordance with section 19 of Public Act No. 20-9, for the purpose of receiving advice and feedback for regulations to be adopted by DEEP.  The Working Group is comprised of the following stakeholders:
  • Chairpersons and ranking members of the Environment and Commerce Committees
  • Environmental transaction attorneys
  • Commercial real estate brokers
  • Licensed Environmental Professionals
  • Representatives from the Connecticut Manufacturers' Collaborative
  • Representatives of environmental advocacy groups
  • Representatives of the Environmental Professionals Organization of Connecticut
  • Municipal representatives
  • Representatives from the Brownfields Working Group
  • Representatives of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities and the Connecticut Council of Small Towns
  • Representatives of the Council on Environmental Quality
  • Any other interested members of the public designated by the agencies

Monthly, one and one-half hour meetings of the Working Group will be convened by the Commissioners, with public notice of the date, time and format of such meetings being posted on Release-Based Working Group Meetings page and the SOTS State Agency Public Meeting Calendar.  All meetings will be held virtually, and are open to the public (advance registration is required). 

At its first meeting, the Working Group began the process of finalizing subcommittees to address substantive aspects of the regulations needed to implement a release-based cleanup program.  DEEP and DECD will provide information and documents to the Release-based Working Group and, as needed, establish topical subcommittees to inform the vision for the regulations necessary to adopt a release-based cleanup program for the state.  Topics selected for subcommittee analysis will be guided by the topics identified in section 19 of Public Act 20-9.

Content last updated November 15, 2022