Beverage Container Recycling Grant Program

Beverage Container Recycling Grant Program Narrative and Application 

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is pleased to announce the beverage container recycling (a.k.a. Bottle Bill) grant program opportunity. The grant application process is intended to support the establishment of beverage container redemption centers in urban centers and environmental justice communities. June Special Session Public Act 21-2 required that DEEP issue a grant application process that distributes such grant proceeds and sets forth additional requirements and Public Act 22-118 made further updates to the program.  

Important Program Updates – May 2022

In the 2022 legislative session, the legislature made two important changes to the Beverage Container Recycling Grant Program: 1) the law was clarified to say that existing redemption centers are eligible for the grant should they wish to expand; and 2) the $150,000 cap on grant awards was removed. Due to these changes, DEEP is extending the application period from May 30, 2022 to October 3, 2022, and is allowing those who have already submitted applications to submit amended applications if they wish to request more than the previously established $150,000 cap. Please note that eligible costs must still be reasonable and prudent, and DEEP may not decide to award the full amount requested due to the limited funds available for the Grant Program.

Applicants should expect that DEEP may ask for additional information related to any received grant program application. Please send all correspondence and applications via email in PDF format to Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis from January 1, 2022 to October 3, 2022.

In November 2021, DEEP released the Beverage Container Recycling Grant Program Scoping Document and Opportunity for Public Comment

In preparation of the issuance of the Beverage Container Recycling Grant Program Application requirement, DEEP released a Scoping Document to provide more detail than the July 16, 2021 Notice of Proceeding. DEEP requested comments and feedback on the Scoping Document from interested parties and stakeholders. DEEP requested more specific feedback than was received from the July 16 Notice.

All written comments submitted in response to the Scoping Document are listed below:  

American Beverage Association

Central Connecticut Redemption Center


Connecticut Package Stores Association

Redemption Centers of America

South Central Regional Council of Governments

The Arc Eastern CT

TOMRA (Received on 12/6/21)

Town of East Hartford

Voices of Women of Color

For additional information related to the Bottle Bill and the stakeholder engagement process launched to effectively implement responsibilities included in Public Act 21-58, and June Special Session Public Act 21-2, please visit the DEEP Bottle Bill Stakeholder Process webpage.

Content last updated June 1, 2022