NOTICE: COVID-19 UPDATE: The trails and grounds of Connecticut State Parks and Forests are open for solitary outdoor enjoyment. If you plan to visit a park, it should be for solitary recreation, not group activities. Please plan ahead as many amenities and indoor facilities are closed, and visitors must practice social distancing. COVID-19 Updates CT State Parks and Forests

CT Equine Advisory Council
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EAC with Gov. Rell RepHovey&Danube
Members of CT Legislative Body, The Connecticut Horse Council, Newtown Bridle Lands Association, Southbury & and Oxford Horse & Livestock Association At the signing of the Public Act No. 07-42 An act establishing an Equine Advisory Council.
State Representative Hovey and Danubue
Diverse rec. users meet on trails EAC Promotes Trail Work
The Equine Advisory Council promotes multi-use on recreational trails. The Equine Advisory Council promotes trail work to help keep recreational trails safe and enjoyable.