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Earth Science Week Toolkits

The Teacher Toolkits are an educational outreach initiative of the American Geosciences Institute and are supported by a consortium of Federal, State, and non-profit professional science organizations to improve and support earth science literacy and the next generation of American scientists.  
Since October 1998, the American Geosciences Institute has organized Earth Science Week; a national and international event to help the public gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Earth Sciences and to encourage stewardship of the Earth. 2020's Earth Science Week will be held from October 11-17 and will celebrate the theme "Earth Materials in Our Lives."

Each kit contains valuable teaching materials on a variety of topics. Typical content includes:
  • A calendar for the school year with suggested science activities for each month.
  • Inspirational and informative classroom displays.
  • Bookmarks, CDs and DVDs including data, classroom exercises, and videos, and maps.
  • Information about remote sensing, energy resources, and GPS.
  • Materials suitable for Middle School - High School.
  • Some materials applicable to Higher Education.
National Geologic Map Day is celebrated each year to showcase the importance of geologic maps in education, scientific inquiry, business, and public policy for society.  National Geologic Map Day will be October 16, 2020.
Content last updated March 23, 2020