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Rock and Mineral Collecting
Collecting Rocks and Minerals on State Land is NOT Allowed.  State Parks and Forests are specifically set aside for everyone’s enjoyment. Outdoor recreation is welcomed, and encouraged on State land, provided the activity does not disturb the natural setting and adversely impact the environment. Hammering on rock, digging holes and tunnels, and disturbing ground cover can have adverse impacts on the presence, amount, and geologic setting (structural characteristics and texture) of the resource, the safety of the area, and the local habitat. Collecting rocks, minerals, plants, or animals on State Land is considered vandalism.
Permission for Educational Mineral Collecting sponsored by educational mineral clubs, nature centers, schools or Connecticut museums, may be obtained through application to the Connecticut Geological Survey.

Visit the following to view their rock and mineral collections:
Another fantastic resource for rocks and minerals is the Connecticut Mining Museum in Kent.
You may also be interested in opportunities available with the Geological Society of Connecticut.
The Regulations of The Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, Section 23-4-1 (b) (1)specifically states: "No person shall deface, destroy, alter, remove or otherwise injure in any manner any structures, buildings, vegetation, earth or rock material, trees, or fuelwood, nor shall any wildlife be molested or disturbed except as authorized by the Department of Environmental Protection. The Commissioner may grant upon written application, permission to collect specimens, take samples and conduct other investigations for scientific or educational purposes. Such permission shall be in writing and shall be subject to such conditions as the Commissioner deems necessary." 

Content last updated October 2019