Final Report of the State Vegetation Management Task Force

Final Report - Full Document

In order to make downloading and review of the document easier, the full document has been divided into separate parts below.

Part One - Introductory Section
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Introduction & Key Definitions
Task Force Findings and Assumptions
The Benefits of Trees
The Importance of Large Trees
The Costs of Municipal Trees

Part Two - General Recommendations
General Recommendations

Part Three - Public Education Recommendations

Part Four - Regulations, Legislation and Funding Recommendations
Building a Municipal Tree Management Budget

Part Five - Technical Standards Recommendation (full file)

Because this section is lengthy, it has been further divided into sub-parts:

The Future Roadside Forest

The Role of Property Owners in Responsible Tree Stewardship
         Roadside Trees on Private Property - Legal Considerations

Right Tree, Right Place Standards
         Trees with Short Mature Heights
         Selected Shrubs Suitable for Planting near Utilities

Tree Pruning Standards

Utility Line Clearance Standards (Proposed Jointly by CL&P and UI)

Utility Line Clearance Standards - Communications (Proposed Jointly by AT&T)

Tree Removal Standards

Roadside Management in a Forested Landscape

Controlling Invasive Vine Infestations

Inventory / GIS Recommendations

Part Six - Final Comments
Recommendations Considered But Not Made
To Do List

Part Seven - Appendix 1: Task Force Member Biographies

Part Eight  - Appendix 2: Task Force Ground Rules and Roles

Part Nine - Appendix 3: Task Force Working Groups

Part Ten - Appendix 4: Two Storm Panel Report Findings in Tree Trimming

Part Eleven - Appendix 5: Draft Brochures for Public Education

Part Twelve - Appendix 6:  State Statutes Relevant to the Work of the Task Force

State Vegetation Management Task Force

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