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Arbor Day 2020 - On-Line and At Home

This much is certain - Arbor Day 2020 will be different. Despite all of that, let's

Celebrate Arbor Day 2020 - Friday, April 24th 

We set Arbor Day aside each year to celebrate trees and all of the great things that trees do. Traditionally, we do that by planting trees at our schools and in our parks. This year, we are all doing our best to fight the coronavirus. As a result, getting together is not possible. 

White Oak planted in 1966 next to the Ansonia City Hall.  Dedicated in 1976 to the Bicentennial.
An over 50 year old white oak planted
next to City Hall in Ansonia.

Let us do the next best thing. Let’s celebrate Arbor Day at home, in our yards, in our towns and on-line.

What can you do?

If You Can, Plant a Tree!

To learn about how to choose and plant a tree, download the Connecticut Tree Owners' Manual. See also the two page version and the Spanish language version of the national edition.

Granted, not everyone can plant a tree. However, your city or town is probably planting a tree for Arbor Day. To find out more, visit your city or town’s web site or contact your town or city Tree Warden. To learn who your Tree Warden is, visit the DEEP Tree Warden Page. He or she can tell you more and might be posting pictures on-line.

Perhaps you want to plant a tree but are concerned that a large tree will require a lot of effort and people. The tree you plant does not have to be large when you plant it. Nurseries throughout Connecticut make available smaller trees, grown in containers. These container-grown trees weigh much less and are much smaller, initially, than the standard B&B (balled-and-burlapped) trees. But, don't let the small size fool you! In a few short years, container-grown trees catch up with B&B trees. Over time, either way, the tree has the same potential to grow to the mature size of that tree.  

Public Works crew from North Branford planting a container-grown white oak sapling.
The Public Works Crew from
North Branford plants a
container-grown white oak sapling.

If you are worried about having to go pick out a tree, call your local tree nursery. Most will be more than happy to help you select a tree and then deliver it to where you will be planting it.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Tree

You can also celebrate the trees that we already have.

Do you have a favorite tree? If you do, we at DEEP would love to hear about it. Send us a few words about what your favorite tree is and why you like it so much. Also, feel free to send us a picture. You can do both through our Facebook page.

You can also follow us on Instagram and send us a picture of your favorite tree. 

Either way, be sure to let us know what town your tree is in.

Celebrate Trees On-Line

Even if we cannot get together to celebrate trees, there are plenty of ideas for things to do to celebrate trees available on-line. For instance, would you like to put together a list showing all of the good things that your favorite tree does for you? You can do that on-line at: What's the Value of That Tree? 

This site guides you into making a ‘nutrition label’ showing the exact contributions that your tree is making to your health and well-being.

Nutrition label style listing of the benefits of an individual tree - in this case, a red maple.
A 'nutrition label' showing the benefits
of an 11-inch dbh red maple.

This and many other great family activities are listed on the Project Learning Tree website.

The Arbor Day Foundation also has some great resources for Arbor Day 2020.

Other web sites you might enjoy:

DEEP Trees and Urban Forests

Tree Wardens Association of Connecticut

Find a Connecticut State Park or Forest (note – access to some State Parks may be limited.  Look here for further COVID-19 related updates on our State Parks.)

Letterboxing in Connecticut's State Forests

CT Forest and Park Association  (also, their Learn at Home Tree School)

CT Tree Protective Association

CT Fish and Wildlife Facebook Page

CT Fish and Wildlife Instagram

Learn more about the history of Arbor Day, from the Arbor Day Foundation. You can also learn more about Connecticut’s role in the celebration of Arbor Day

Just because we are all socially distancing does not mean that we cannot get out to visit trees and nature. Keep yourself safe, get outside, and get close to a tree. See the leaves and blossoms as they return again this year, and be sure to wish them a Happy Arbor Day!

Content last updated on April 9, 2020.