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Connecticut State Forests - Seedling Letterbox Series Clues for Quaddick State Forest

Connecticut State Map showing location of Quaddick State Forest Quaddick State Forest -
 the 22nd State Forest
Seedling Series Letter Box Stamp #22

The letterbox at Quaddick State Forest has been removed for maintenance and will be relocated.  Clues will be restored when the letterbox is available.  Please enjoy other hiking trails in Quaddick State Park

Quaddick State Forest: contains approximately 550 acres and is located entirely in the town of Thompson in the extreme northeastern corner of Connecticut.  It is bordered on the east by Rhode Island.  The forest is located both on the east and west sides of the Quaddick Reservoir, an industrial reservoir covering approximately 466 acres.  The original parcel was acquired by the Resettlement Administration of the United States government and leased to the State back in the 1930’s.  

The forest protects the Reservoir while also providing ample recreational activities.  This includes fishing for bass and pike, hunting for deer, turkey, and small game, canoeing and kayaking opportunities, and youth group camping.   

Learn More, Earn a Patch: This is one of 32 letterbox hikes that are being sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Division of Forestry. When you have completed 5 of these sponsored letterbox hikes, either from this series or the Centennial series; you are eligible to earn a commemorative State Forest Centennial patch.  When you have completed five of these hikes, please contact us and let us know what sites you have visited, what your stamp looks like and how we may send you your patch. We will verify your visits and send the patch along to you.  Contact DEEP Forestry

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