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Connecticut State Forests - Seedling Letterbox Series Clues for Nepaug State Forest

State Map showing location of Nepaug State Forest
Nepaug State Forest -
 the 10th State Forest
Seedling Series Letter Box Stamp #10

The letterbox in Nepaug State Forest is currently unavailable. Please take this opportunity to enjoy other trails in Nepaug State Forest.

Nepaug State Forest was originally established to protect the streams feeding the State Fish Hatchery in Burlington. The acquisitions in this area were known as the Burlington Block. In 1927, additional acquisitions were made to the north, in what became known as the Satan’s Kingdom Block of Nepaug Forest. In 1942, it was divided to create two forests. The southern Burlington Block became Nassahegon State Forest while the northern Satan’s Kingdom Block became Nepaug State Forest. Recent acquisitions have brought the size of Nepaug to 1,374 acres. The majority of the forest is found in New Hartford, with only a few acres being in Canton.            

The forest is managed for sawtimber, firewood, wildlife habitat, and recreational activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, tubing, and bird watching. 

Learn more, earn a patch: Much of the pine in Nepaug is found in the southern portion of the forest. The pine trees grow better than the hardwoods in this area because of the soils. Most of the soils are excessively drained, droughty, sandy soils. The pine trees are better adapted to live with these soil conditions. To get high quality hardwoods more soil moisture is one requirement.

This is one of 32 letterbox hikes that is being sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Division of Forestry. When you have completed 5 of these sponsored letterbox hikes, you are eligible to earn a commemorative State Forest letterbox patch.

When you have completed five of these hikes, please contact us and let us know what sites you have visited, what your stamp looks like and how we may send you your patch.  We will verify your visits and send the patch along to you.  Contact DEEP Forestry

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